Tonight’s 4 New iOS Games You Should Check Out

By Jim Squires |

Have you finished digesting all of that turkey from last week? Good, because it’s time to hit the App Store.

Things tend to get a little quieter in December, but they’re not completely dead (at least not until iTunes Connect shuts down over the holidays). Tonight’s offerings include things to shoot, things to swing, and things to collect to build the strongest hand possible.


After years of quagmire, there’s finally, really, honest-and-truly an official adaptation of Dominion on the App Store. This one is tablet-only for now, but hey — we’ll take what we can get.  You’re getting the entire base set for free, with optional purchases for the expansions. This is the original deck-building game and well worth getting hooked on. Better yet, it hit the App Store earlier this week, so you can start playing it right now.

Sniper Fury

2015 has been an excellent year for sniper games. Hitman: Sniper showed us just how much could be accomplished with one stage, and Sniper X with Jason Statham proved that celebrity games could be about more than fashion and fame. Tonight Gameloft takes a crack at the world of long range assassin’s.

Aralon: Forge and Flame

Between Aralon, Ravensword, and the futuristic Exiles, Crescent Moon Games have a pretty great handle on how to do big, open-world RPGs. Fans of The Elder Scrolls will want to check out their latest; a sequel to 2010’s Aralon: Sword and Shadow.

Pocket Troops

Looking for a team of Rambos you can put in your pocket? Pocket Troops isn’t an official Expendables game, but we’ll be damned if it doesn’t look right in that realm. Recruit and train a ragtag bunch soldiers and take them into battle.

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