Tonight’s 3 New iOS Games You Need to Play

By Jim Squires |

With Apple’s WWDC in full swing this week, most developers are a little too busy attending lectures and meetings to worry about launching new games right now. We’re most likely in for a quiet Wednesday night on the App Store — a rarity in the “RELEASE EVERYTHING ALWAYS” times we live in.

But hey — that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few new iPhone and iPad games that stand out in tonight’s line-up:

Angry Birds FIGHT!

We’re cheating a little by including this on tonight’s list, but it’s the good kind of cheating. How so? You don’t have to wait to play it. Angry Birds FIGHT!, Rovio’s take on match-3 combat, is available to download worldwide as of this morning on the App Store.

Threes! Free


The whole Threes!/2048 debacle makes my head hurt. In short, being a free alternative to a great original puzzle game made 2048 the buzzword on people’s lips last year — when it should have been Threes! all along. Tonight the duo behind the original strikes back with a free version — it should be interesting to see how that changes the experience.

Green Ninja: Year of the Frog

The next game from Nitrome (Magic Touch, Gunbrick) has players flicking a kung fu frog across the screen to kick butt and… well, solve puzzles, actually. Nitrome’s games are fairly unique, but if I were going with my gut, I’d say this is one for the Silly Sausage crowd.

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