This Week’s 7 New Mobile Games You Should Know

Between the launch of iOS 10, WatchOS 3, and the iPhone 7, there’s no shortage of mobile-related happenings this week. Maybe that’s why developers are being so timid.

There aren’t a lot of new games worth highlighting this week — but the App Store and Google Play aren’t exactly devoid of new content, either. Here are seven games that we think are worth a closer look:

Oz: Broken Kingdom

oz broken kingdom

If you enjoy free-to-play RPGs and you’re a sucker for a Scarecrow, you’ll want to check out Oz: Broken Kingdom. The game offers a mix of familiar elements from the mobile scene, all set in the world of L. Frank Baum’s Oz. Be sure to check out our review, and bookmark our Oz: Broken Kingdom guide if you need help getting started.



An homage to classic RPGs like Ultima, Ember offers a huge world and plenty to do. We really liked it in our review, but be forewarned — if you don’t have a tablet, you might strain to read the text on your phone (and there’s a lot of text in this game).

Twisted Lines

twisted lines

A gorgeous new minimalist puzzler from the creator’s of …and then it rained, Twisted Lines tasks players with switching colors by crossing over their own path.

Dancing With the Stars

dancing with the stars

Do you like dancing? Stars? How about gems and matching? If you said yes to all of the above, you’ll probably want to give this a shot. It’s the latest official game to bear the name “Dancing With The Stars,” and offers some pretty top notch visuals to frame the match-3 experience.

Paul Pixel – The Awakening

paul pixel

If you’ve been searching for a fresh new point-and-click adventure with a retro look, search no more! Paul Pixel is here to rekindle the glory days of puzzle adventures (but this time, on a touch screen). Get ready to save the world, friend.

Letter Club

letter club

Fast-paced, 60-second, competitive word matches against your friends. What could be more frantic than that? And if you like sharing your vocabulary with the world, Letter Club takes advantage of live broadcasts in iOS 10.

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

animation throwdown

We don’t often use our weekly round-ups as a place to warn you about games, but if you had high hopes for this new card battler, you might want to temper them a bit. Yes, there’s plenty of humor, but the gameplay is fairly simplistic (bordering on dull). That said, you’ll never know for sure unless you try for yourself — so go get to it and prove us wrong!

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