This Week’s 13 New iOS Games Worth Checking Out

By Jim Squires |

This week’s new iPhone and iPad releases are ready to lay the smack down on you jabronis! (translation: there’s a new wrestling game, and you should probably be playing it).

WWE Immortals isn’t the only thing you should care about this week: there are plenty of great puzzlers, punchers and page-turners to pick from. Did we miss anything fantastic? Let us know in the comments below.



This puzzle game isn’t just beautiful in appearance; it’s beautiful in concept. Players rotate objects in the foreground to discover a shadow shape in the background.

WWE Immortals


What’s a good fight without a leg drop? NetherRealm Studios gives the superstars of the WWE their own Injustice-style game. Ready to rumble?

Battle of Toys


If you’d rather throw plastic punches, Battle of Toys might just be the game for you. The combat here is reminiscent of World of Warriors — and yes, I’d say that’s a very good thing.

Bust-a-Move Islands


With so many free-to-play bubble poppers on the App Store, it’s time for the series that started it all to make an appearance. Welcome back, Bub and Bob.



It’s like Lemmings, but made by the people behind Worms. You’re welcome.

Bowling Central


If you own Apple TV, this will probably be the first download you want to make this week. Think Wii Bowling, but with your iPhone. Don’t own an Apple TV? Don’t worry – this one has swipe controls too.



Everyone has a destination, but not everyone can get there without a little guidance. Can you help this ball using only your wits?

Bear Winter


Matching games rarely break the mold, but when they do, they can be magnificent. Bear Winter is a prime example of that; a game where your every action matters to your survival.

Logic Dots


“Oh no, not another spin on sudoku.” I know, I know – but wait! You might be interested! This is a brand new logic game created by Tiny Thief’s lead programmer. Admit it: your curiosity is piqued.

Dragon Knights


Com2Us has had a string of successful free-to-play RPGs over the years. Dragon Knights is the latest. Expect more than 400 different collectible items that can augment your heroes.

Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones


Pirates and voodoo and reading, oh my! The latest gamebook from Tin Man Games takes players on a journey of revenge against the pirate who killed your parents (and who, as it turns out, might just be dead as well).

Tile Enigma


Flipping tiles sounds simple enough, right? But what if every move you make creates echoes that ripple across the board? That, in a nutshell, is Tile Enigma.

Gunslugs 2

gunslugs 2

OrangePixel is back, and they’ve brought a sequel to (arguably) their most popular game with them. Gunslugs played like a love letter to 80’s action craziness; we expect nothing less from Gunslugs 2.

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