The Best Upcoming Mobile Games in 2022

By Harry Slater |

Now that we’ve finished our round up of the best games that came out for iOS, Android and Apple Arcade over the last 12 months, we thought it was a good idea to look forward to the game’s we’re all going to be playing in 2022. 

It looks like it’s going to be a pretty darn good year for mobile gaming again, with pocket-sized versions of some massive games landing, as well as some sequels and new IPs to get excited about. 

If you’ve got a game you’re looking forward to getting your hands on in the new year, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Before that, here are the most exciting upcoming games for mobile in 2022. 

Diablo Immortal

This one has been coming for ages. To the point now where we could just be including it as a gag game. But there have been plenty of updates about the mobile version of the dungeon-crawling classic over 2021, and we’re pretty confident it’s actually going to land in 2022. And reasonably confident that it might actually be good. 

Just Cause Mobile

Another one that’s been delayed until 2022. It’s a top-down shooter that builds on the explosive mayhem of the main console series. It looks like it should capture the chaos that made the original so great, but in bite-sized mobile nibbles.


Less of a game, more of a way to learn how to play an instrument. It’ll be interesting to see how this one works on mobile, but we’ve got pretty high hopes that its gamification of riffing could find a perfect home on your phone. 

Out There: Oceans of Time

A new Out There game that builds on the ideas of the original and layers in plenty of new ideas. It looks wildly ambitious, which is something we’re always going to champion. And any game that lets us spend massive amounts of time lost in the cosmos is alright by us. 

Vendir: Plague of Lies

A gloomy mix of classic RPG ideas and more modern sensibilities. You’re working your way through a fantasy kingdom that’s riddled with conspiracy and deceit. It looks like it’ll tickle the right parts of a certain type of gamer.

Torchlight: Infinite

Another mobile version of a home smash. This one is another dungeon crawler set 200 years in the future from Torchlight 2. There’s loads of enemies to kill and loot to find, and a few twists to the formula that keep things fresh. 

Star Wars Hunters

An arena-based hero shooter set in the Star Wars universe. To be honest, we’re mainly excited about this because one of the characters is two Jawas standing one atop the other. It looks like it’ll be a force-powered take on the likes of Overwatch.

Super Meat Boy Forever

This is another one that’s been in development limbo for a good long while, but the rumblings suggest it’ll be landing on mobile sooner rather than later. It’s another gore-streaked, teeth gnashing platformer that’ll probably make you throw your phone at a wall in frustration. 

Frostpunk Mobile

A portable version of the gloomy futuristic city builder. Apparently it’s going to be really cold in the future, and it’s up to you to make sure the residents of your settlement don’t freeze to death. Expect that to be harder than it sounds. 

Battlefield Mobile

After the success of Call of Duty: Mobile, it’s not that much of a surprise to see the other massive military shooter making its way to smaller screens. If it gets the controls right, it could be another multiplayer winner. 

Apex Legends Mobile

It’s not that much of a surprise to see this character-based battle royale making its way to mobile. If anything, it’s a surprise that it’s taken this long. Hopefully it can capture the spectacular rhythms of violence and running away that make the home version so addictive. 

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