The Best Mobile Games of March 2016

With March now behind us and only a quarter of the year having passed, it would be silly to start throwing around terms like “game of the year” already — but with the mobile masterpieces that launched last month, it’s easy to see a few candidates establishing an early lead.

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Clash Royale

clash royale battle

What is there to say about Clash Royale that hasn’t been said about it already? Supercell’s latest is their first attempt to spin an existing franchise into something new, and it works wonderfully. Clash Royale is a compelling game of multiplayer skirmishes where players battle to earn chests that will make their armies stronger and more diverse for the fight ahead.



When Miitomo was first announced, we were hesitant. Who would want to play a Nintendo game that’s really just a social network starring your Mii? As it turns out, everybody would. Miitomo offers a great twist on learning about your friends, and it does so with a typical Nintendo charm. If this is indicative of what their remaining mobile releases will be like, we have high hopes for the company’s latest direction.

Retro City Rampage DX

retro city rampage dx iphone

One of the rough-and-tumblest retro homages finally went mobile in March, after appearing on (pretty much literally) every other console imaginable. At it’s core, Retro City Rampage DX is a top-down crime spree game like the original Grand Theft Auto. Scratch beneath that surface though, and you’ll find parodies and clever nods to just about every gaming franchise and popular culture reference that the tail end of the last century could cook up.

Hammer Bomb


Games that riff on PAC-MAN are shockingly few and far between — but the ones that do are downright magical. Take Hammer Bomb for instance, a roguelike that plays like first-person PAC-MAN, with players discovering the paths of a dungeon as they dodge enemies and hunt for weapons and treasure.

King Rabbit


What’s cooler than a rabbit fast-puzzling his way through Hell? How about a sequel that brings him above ground? Formerly known as Furdemption 2, King Rabbit retains everything we loved about the original — but with a few less damnable flames nipping at your heels.

Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls

Flipped Out The Powerpuff Girls tips cheats strategies

Few things were as cool last month as the return of The Powerpuff Girls to TV — but having a mobile game timed to launch alongside it certainly didn’t hurt. Flipped Out lets players tackle two different styles of gameplay and switch between them whenever they want. Holding your device horizontally makes it a classic brawler; turning vertical makes it a match-3 puzzler. The real fun? Switching between them to keep you on your toes.

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