The 8 Best Mobile Games of February 2016

February had 29 days this year, which — if you’re a mobile gamer — was a very good thing. It meant that you had one more day to squeeze the fun out of your phone. And this February there was plenty of fun to squeeze.

Our picks for the 8 best iPhone, iPad and Android games of the month can be found below:

Love You To Bits

love to bits

Take the puzzling adventure you loved in 2011’s Tiny Thief, put it in a rocket, and explode it all over the universe. In a nutshell, that’s Love You To Bits. The story of a young rocketeer and his love for a robot (who is now in pieces all across the galaxy) gives players more of that clever one-screen puzzling they love. Fans of point-and-click adventures looking for something a little more bite-sized, consider this a must play.

Adventures of Mana


Square Enix brings a lot of remakes and ports to the App Store — but who expected a massive overhaul for the oft-forgotten Game Boy classic Final Fantasy Adventure? Despite the name change (this is largely considered the first game in their Mana series, so it’s fitting), this is the same FFA experience you knew and loved at the dawn of the 90’s, but with a spectacular new coat of paint and some modern improvements.

Final Fantasy IX


We called Square Enix the best mobile games company of 2015, and with two titles in February’s “best of” round-up, their 2016 is off to an excellent start. Final Fantasy IX originally appeared on the PlayStation in the year 2000, and its mobile port is remarkable. Even better, Square Enix addressed many of the concerns that players had from their previous PlayStation-to-mobile port, Final Fantasy VII.

Super Tribes

Super Tribes review

Games like Civilization are well-loved on desktops, but rarely translate to mobile well. Super Tribes bucks this trend, offering a miniature alternative to these normally massive games. Players are limited to 30 turns to grow their tribe, wipe out the competition, and become the dominant nation on a tiny, flat Earth.

Slide the Shakes


The creators of Land Sliders returned this month with a physics game that harkens back to the early days of smartphone gaming. Players will slide a milkshake across a counter, dealing with obstacles, gaps, peaks and valleys — all in an attempt to land safely in a very small target area. Perfectionists, this one’s for you.

I Keep Having This Dream

screen1136i hav the same dream everyday

The creator of Dungeon Raid is back, and this time he’s created an original board game experience for the iPhone that has players laying tiles to find an exit (and battle monsters). It’s a unique experience that fans of tabletops games and / or puzzles should be sure to check out.

Tomb of the Mask

tomb of the mask review

Fast fingers and a love for gobbling things up Pac-Man style are needed to enjoy Tomb of the Mask, and lucky for us, we have plenty of both. Featuring a great retro art style, players need to swipe quickly to move through a tomb, collecting treasure and avoiding dangers along the way.

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