The 8 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Games of July 2015

By Jim Squires |

The first half of the year had some incredible games, and if July is any indication, the second half won’t be too shabby either. July saw gems like Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, Race the Sun and Domino Drop — and they didn’t even make it on this list!

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Spelling words and collecting bears: a winning combination. Alphabear is the latest release from Spry Fox (Triple Town, Road Not Taken), and it challenges players to spell words under immense pressure. Every tile you don’t use gets one step closer to becoming a useless rock on every turn. And those rocks will stop big bears from earning big points.



It’s as if someone bottled the spirit of 16-bit platformers and found a way to make it feel native to touchscreens. Heroki stars a propeller-headed kid on a floaty quest with plenty of exploration, back-tracking, and collecting.

Super Awesome Quest

Super Awesome Quest review

With a name like ‘Super Awesome Quest,’ Boomzap’s latest release had a lot to live up to. Much to our delight, it had no trouble doing so. Giving the puzzle/RPG formula a much-needed shakeup, Super Awesome Quest swaps out the match-3 mechanics for something with a Minesweeper inspiration.

Mountain Goat Mountain


I’ve learned three things about mountain goats this month: they climb, eat grass, and wear a variety of fantastic outfits. Did I mention everything I learned about mountain goats came from a video game? Mountain Goat Mountain is an endless climber from Zynga that deserves a place on the home screen of every quickplay challenge enthusiast.



Zen-like puzzling gets a pair of pruning shears in this beautiful new mobile masterpiece. Players need to care for a tree and trim it just right so that it reaches enough sunlight to flower. Easier said than done!

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary Edition

gabriel knight sins of the father

Whether you’re a long time fan or merely curious about why Gabriel Knight is considered a cult classic, the 20th Anniversary remake is a fantastic reminder of why point’and’click adventure games of the 90’s should never be forgotten.

Card King: Dragon Wars

Card King Dragon Wars review

Hearthstone meets Pokemon in this gorgeous, well-crafted game of card battles. If you think every CCG out there has to be a clone of something else, Card King: Dragon Wars is eager to prove you wrong.

Divide By Sheep


Are you baa-d at math? Maybe Death can tutor you. He has room for a certain number of sheep in his boat to travel the river Styx. You need to help him reach that magical number by slicing, dicing and otherwise eliminating the extra woolen cuties in every level.

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