The 7 Best Mobile Games of September 2016

There are thousands of games that hit the App Store and Google Play every month. That makes sifting through them all by yourself to pick the cream of the crop a nearly impossible task. You need someone to help sort the great from the mediocre. With all due respect, you need … us.

Here are the seven best mobile games to release in September according to the Gamezebo staff.


lumines puzzle and music review

We don’t hand out five stars frivolously here at Gamezebo. Or at least we try not to do that. So when we gave Lumines a perfect score, it was an acknowledgement of everything it does right. The controls, visuals and music (fittingly) are all superb, and it enabled the franchise to make the transition to mobile flawlessly. If rhythm puzzle games have any appeal to you at all, you really should check it out.

Samorost 3


The subtitle for our Samorost 3 review said it all: weird and wonderful. Simultaneously standing beautifully on its own and building on what’s come before, the third game in the series is a puzzle game, sure, but one with visuals that you’ll have to see to believe. The audio is on point as well, meaning it’s a game in which you can truly immerse yourself.

Sorcery! 4


Every good story has a satisfying conclusion, and for the Sorcery! (gotta have that exclamation point in there) gamebook series, this is supposed to be the end. Some of the same things we said about Samorost apply here, in the sense that you don’t have to have played the previous games to appreciate this one, but it’ll mean more to you in terms of the narrative if you did. This is one ending you’ll almost certainly love.

Jewel Quest: Seven Seas

jewelquest_sevenseas 2016-09-05 16-27-40-64

We get it. You’ve played plenty of match-3 games. We all have. It takes something extra to get people to take notice and spend some time with any new entry in the genre, but this Jewel Quest installment manages to provide just that. Mostly, there’s enough new game mechanics added at a steady rate to keep things fresh and the challenge level high. Add in a story and you’ve got a game that stands out from a very large crowd.

Pumped BMX 3


Like our reviewer, you might not have been skilled enough to be any good at actual BMX. As a full-grown adult, forget it. Just watching BMX makes my knees hurt. As an alternative, please consider Pumped BMX 3, where you’ll be challenged in a much different, less physically demanding way. Just trust us on this one.

Dungeon of Gravestone


Yes, you’re going to think of Minecraft when you first lay eyes on this game. That can’t really be helped. What you’ll love about Dungeon of Gravestone is how it pushes you to make it a little further each time you tackle its procedurally generated levels. Adventure has looked this blocky before, but it’s never played exactly like this.

Stretch Dungeon

stretch dungeon

Stretch Dungeon is one of those games that doesn’t show all of its cards upon first glance. It’s just an endless faller, right? Well yes. And no. Instead of controlling the character doing the falling, you actually take command of the dungeon itself, morphing its walls. It sounds kind of crazy if you just talk about it, but it’s refreshingly different while keeping the game simple enough for everyone to play. That’s no easy feat.

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