The 7 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Games of December 2014

Late December might have been quiet because of the holidays (and the inevitable iTunes shutdown), but that solitude didn’t do much to slow the release of great games. In fact, so many top titles were released in the first half of the month that we needed the Christmas break just to let our thumbs heal!

So which games really took the cake in December 2014? Gamezebo’s picks for the best iPhone, iPad and Android games of the last month can be found below.

Tales from the Borderlands


Borderlands is one of the wackier game franchises out there nowadays, so when Telltale was given an opportunity to play in their sandbox, you’d better believe that smirk-inducing adventure ensued. In his five-star review, Tom said “it may be Telltale Games’ best adventure yet.” Maybe that’s why it earned a spot in our best of 2014 selections.

Bean Dreams


Bean there, done that? Think again! Bean Dreams is the first sequel to 2012’s fantastic Beans’ Quest, and if you’re a fan of old school platforming sensibilities, you’ll fall in love with the unique spin that developer Kumobius brings to the genre.

Chain Chronicle


What do you get when you cross Plants vs. Zombies-inspired lane defense with grandiose Japanese RPG mechanics? A phenomenon that’s taken the island nation by storm. And while it’s English translation hasn’t managed to take the #1 spot on the App Store, the fun we’ve had with it certainly gives it a pretty high rank in our hearts.

Sneaky Sneaky


Stealth action meets puzzling? Ok, we’ll bite. Sneaky Sneaky is a puzzle game that’s all about avoiding detection (and/or “eliminating” the guard unwise enough to let you walk into their line of sight) as you gather up the rubies needed to prove yourself a master thief.

Dragon Quest III


Square Enix has been releasing Dragon Quest games at a steady pace, and we couldn’t be happier. Dragon Quest III might just be the series best; and while we were a little bummed to see the enemy animations removed in this version, everything else holds up like a dream. Old school RPG fans, consider this a must buy.

Exiles: Far Colony


The makers of Ravensword: Shadowlands decided to take their winning formula to the stars with a brand new sci-fi RPG adventure. If you’ve played Ravensword, your mouth should already be watering. If not, well… you’ll want to after this.



Because AwesomeBoots came out at the tail end of November, we’re admittedly cheating a little by including it on this list. But once you play it, you’ll be glad we did. AwesomeBoots is that kind of pick-up-and-play, one-touch craziness that makes the App Store such a wonderfully weird place. You’ll strap on a pair of boots to bounce on the heads of authoritarian enforcers with varying abilities, all looking to rob you of your kicks.

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