The 6 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Games of October 2014

By Jim Squires |

Another month behind us, another month of great games. Same old, same old, right?

Not quite.

October 2014 saw the first real, honest-to-goodness console game come to tablets – and at the same time as its living room counterparts, no less. That makes this month a very big deal. So without further ado…

Skylanders Trap Team

skylanders_trapteam_01It’s been nearly a month and our brains are still reeling from this one. It’s a full console game, with all the bells and whistles, and it works on your iPad and Android tablet. What’s more, it’s great fun too. If you’re interested, just know that it can be an expensive hobby: the game is a full retail purchase, and you’ll be buying new figurines to power your heroes until your bank account is as hollow as a Halloween pumpkin.

Terra Battle

terrabattleimpressions_01The internet collectively held its breath in terror when Mistwalker, the studio headed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, announced they were making a free-to-play mobile RPG. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief: it’s here, and it’s great.

Woah Dave!

woahdave2If you’re a fan of old school arcade fun, Woah Dave! might just be the greatest thing you’ve put on your phone in ages. It plays a little like Mario Bros, but with an extra layer of strategy and a faster pace. Woah Dave! has “WIN” written all over it.

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

Catalyst Match Puzzle Center Earth GuideLooking for a rather literal puzzle platformer? Puzzle to the Center of the Earth has players matching colors to clear a path for their hero. I personally haven’t had this much fun with a match-3 hybrid since Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe.


splotA long time coming, the latest game from Trine-creator Frozenbyte marks their mobile debut. In it, you’ll be racing through some a pretty wild platformer in an attempt to save baby birds from the rather unpleasant Blob Kings.

The Silent Age: Episode Two

silentage2-1If you played the first episode of The Silent Age when it was released, you probably had the same reaction we did. “That was great! Was that it?” Luckily, episode two has finally launched, wrapping up the story in a fine manner. Fans of 70’s sci-fi storytelling should get a real kick out of this one.

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