The 5 Best iPhone, iPad and Android Games of January 2016

If the first four weeks of 2016 are any indication, we’re on track for a pretty fantastic year in mobile games. From gigantic, meaty offerings to simulations and swiping furies, January’s titles ran the gamut.

If you’ve already played everything we’re talking about, be sure to check out our top picks from 2015 — or even better, some of last year’s hidden gems that you may have missed.



The first real Game of the Year contender in 2016, Crashlands is a game of crafting, exploration, and baconweed. It’s a massive offering that somehow manages to be both challenging and forgiving, and never fails to deliver the same silly humor that developer Butterscotch Shenanigans is known for. If you like your action games open-world and expansive with no shortage of things to do, Crashlands is the game you’ve been waiting for.

Dungelot: Shattered Lands

dungelot shattered lands

Traversing dungeons is difficult; almost as difficult as building a franchise. But the creator behind Dungelot: Shattered Lands can manage both. This is the third entry in the Dungelot series, and easily the best so far. It’s a tough-as-nails roguelike that sees players tapping tiles to uncover the treasures (and terrors) underneath.

Pocket Mortys


If you’ve never seen Rick & Morty on Adult Swim, rectify that immediately. Once you do, download Pocket Mortys. It’s a game set in the show’s universe, and it borrows more than a few tricks from Pokemon. Pocket Mortys is a game of collecting Mortys from alternate dimensions to do battle against the Mortys of an alternate Rick. (This may sound head-scratchingly stupid, but I promise — if you’re a fan of the show, it makes total sense).

Punch Club


Why should a boxing game be all about action? Punch Club is a Sims-inspired simulation that has players following a story of vengeance while training their fighter, doing odd jobs, and punching their way to the top. If Will Wright made a Rocky video game, it would probably look something like this.

Jetpack Fighter

Jetpack Fighter review

The makers of the MOBA Smite decided to take their first stab at mobile gaming this month, and the result was a resounding success. In Jetpack Fighter, attacks and movements are one in the same. Swipe in any direction to fly and pummel your enemies, zig-zagging your way to victory.

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