The 25 Best iPhone Games of 2014 (so far)

We’re deep into the second half of 2014 now, and that means a couple of things. For one, it means that gaming editorial sites like ours need to prepare for the oncoming storm of “best of the year lists” and …

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We’re deep into the second half of 2014 now, and that means a couple of things. For one, it means that gaming editorial sites like ours need to prepare for the oncoming storm of “best of the year lists” and start looking back at everything that’s come so far. For another, it means that Apple has a new iPhone they’re launching onto the masses: today that’s the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In the spirit of killing two birds with one stone, Gamezebo is taking a look back at the best iPhone games 2014 has had to offer so far. If you’ve just picked up your first iPhone, feel free to use this as your carefully curated shopping list.

80 Days

best iphone games 2014

The creators of the mobile adaptation of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! brought us their take on Jules Verne’s classic Around the World in 80 Days.


best iphone games 2014

The bard always seems so underused in fantasy games. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the power of ROCK? This game finally puts the humble bard on the pedestal he deserves.

Battleheart Legacy

best iphone games 2014

Battleheart has long been a mobile favorite among the RPG crowd, so it comes as no surprise that it’s sequel managed to knock our socks off.


best iphone games 2014

It wouldn’t be hard to argue that 2014 was the year of the minimalist puzzle game, and if that’s the case, Blek might just be their king.


best iphone games 2014

There are more match-3 games than we can count on the App Store, so it takes something really special to catch our attention. By infusing a taste of slots into the mix, Cascade did just that.

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

best iphone games 2014

Glu has had a few hits on their hands with the Deer Hunter franchise, but wouldn’t you rather hunt something a little more… dangerous?

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's Featured

If you’ve ever seen Chuck E. Cheese as the nightmare fuel he really is, this is the horror game for you.

The Journey Down: Chapter Two

best iphone games 2014

It took much too long to come out (chapter one was released in early 2012), but this LucasArts-inspired point-and-click adventure was well worth the wait.


best iphone games 2014

The creator of Cave Story came out of hiding this year to deliver a game that we won’t hesitate to call the best action platformer on the App Store.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

best iphone games 2014

Love her or hate her, the folks at Glu knew how to make a great game built around Kim Kardashian. It probably helps that it doesn’t take itself too seriously; Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood a rare female-focused game that knows exactly what it is and revels in it.

King of the Course

best iphone games 2014

Despite being a perfect platform for it, there just aren’t enough good golf games on the App Store. EA’s latest effort knows how to keep things playful, while delivering much of the polish that people love about their previous golfing efforts on other consoles.

Leo’s Fortune

best iphone games 2014

If you’ve picked up a MFi controller, this is the game that’s going to justify your purchase. It works just fine without it, mind you – but this is a polished little platformer with some of the prettiest visuals we’ve seen all year, and with a controller, it gets even better.

Mega Jump 2

best iphone games 2014

If you thought you were over vertical platformers, Mega Jump 2 is the game that’s going to prove you wrong.

Mines of Mars

best iphone games 2014

Love sidescrolling crafters? Mines of Mars is the best we’ve seen all year.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

best iphone games 2014

Challenging, quirky, charming – there really aren’t enough good words to describe this puzzle game. Cartoon Network Games hits one out of the park.

Monument Valley

best iphone games 2014

From the minute it was released, there’s been Game of the Year buzz for Monument Valley — and rightly so. It’s a playable piece of art, but it never sacrifices playability as a result.

The Phantom PI: Mission Apparition

best iphone games 2014

It’s not Ghostbusters, and it doesn’t need to be. This puzzle platformer has a paranormal twist, and manages to be fun for kids as much as adults.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

best iphone games 2014

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a portable console game ported to the iPhone, but it is the fastest. In less than a year, the latest Ace Attorney game made the jump from 3DS to iPhone, and nary a bell nor whistle was left behind.


best iphone games 2014

We can all follow rules, but can we remember the order in which we learned them? You’ll need to if you want to survive in this top notch puzzle game from TheCodingMonkeys.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited Tips Cheats Strategies

A mission-based runner from Gameloft, Spider-Man Unlimited manages to be both one of the best runners and one of the best mobile comics games simultaneously.

Star Wars Commander

best iphone games 2014

Is it Star Wars meets Clash of Clans? Absolutely. But here’s the trick – that’s not a bad thing.

Storm Casters

best iphone games 2014

A great mix of dungeon hunting, card collecting, and twin-stick shooting, Storm Casters managed to fill a need we didn’t even realize we had as gamers.


best iphone games 2014

Math made fun, Threes! might just be the best puzzle game of the year. Heck – it might be the best puzzle game on mobile phones, period.

Traps n’ Gemstones

best iphone games 2014

If you like platformers with a lot of backtracking, exploration, and items that open up new worlds to you, you’re probably intimately familiar with the term ‘metroidvania.’ Traps n’ Gemstones is one of those, and a damned fine one at that.

Wayward Souls

best iphone games 2014

The folks behind the Hook Champ series decided to flesh out their dungeon crawler Mage Gauntlet into a much bigger idea. Wayward Souls is the result – a roguelike action RPG that you’ll play over and over and over again.

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