The 10 Console and PC Games We’d Love to See on Mobile

There are loads of console and PC ports on mobile, but we’ve decided there aren’t enough. We want more. And because we run a mobile gaming website we’re in the perfect position to take those demands and turn them into …

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There are loads of console and PC ports on mobile, but we’ve decided there aren’t enough. We want more. And because we run a mobile gaming website we’re in the perfect position to take those demands and turn them into content. Like we have done here.

These are the ten games that we’d love to see making the switch from home consoles and PC to mobile. Some of them are happening, some of them might happen, and others definitely won’t. But we can hope – hell, it’s one of the things that makes us human. 

You might have your own suggestions. You might think we’ve lost our minds. You might think we’re using plural pronouns when it’s only one person writing this. Whatever’s going on in your head, let it loose in the comments section. We. Dare. You. 

Apex Legends

All being well, this one is going to become a reality sooner rather than later. Apex Legends is a team-based Battle Royale that’s packed full of characters with unique skills. One of them’s a robot with a grappling hook, for example. Call of Duty: Mobile has shown how FPS games can work on mobile, so we’ve got high hopes for this one. 

World of Warcraft

Remember your beastly PC gaming rig from fifteen years ago? Well the newest smartphones make it look like a toaster. A broken toaster. It’s still amazing to us that WoW hasn’t landed on mobile – but hopefully the success of Runescape on mobile, and Blizzard’s experimentation with WoW Classic could change all of that.

Destiny 2

Destiny has always felt like it should have been a free to play game, and ever since it admitted that and became one we’ve been crossing our fingers for a mobile release. The tough part would be capturing the brilliance of the combat on touchscreen but hey, stranger things have happened. Probably. 

Super Smash Bros.

Mario and Mario Kart have both found sort-of comfortable homes on mobile, so why not the third branch of Nintendo’s plumber-tree? Brawlhalla works pretty darn well, so why couldn’t this classic series make the switch too. Hey, that’s kind of a pun. It’s probably not going to happen, but we can dream.

The Legend of Zelda

There are plenty of games on mobile that owe a debt of gratitude to the Zelda series – whether it’s the original top down entries or the modern 3D explore-a-thons. We’d love to step out into Hyrule on our phones, and games like Genshin Impact show that it’s possible. Will it become a reality? Honestly we don’t think so. But we can clutch desperately to dreams.

Red Dead Redemption

Everyone loves cowboys. Probably. There are plenty of other classic Rockstar games on the App Store and Play Store, from Bully to GTA, so why not this one? We’d even accept Red Dead Revolver. We just want to be phone cowboys. Is that too much to ask? Again, almost certainly yes.

The Witcher

Parts of The Witcher universe have made their way to mobile in the shape of Gwent and Thronebreaker. But we want the full Witcher experience, because we’re greedy and demanding. Plus being a Witcher is a bit like being a sword cowboy. Or at least it is in the catastrophic recesses of our brains.

Portal 2

If we weren’t typing up this article, we’d be playing Portal 2 right now. Portal 2 may well be one of the best videogames ever made. There is literally nothing wrong with Portal 2 except that we can’t play it on our phones. That’s it. That’s the game’s only flaw. Please rectify this Valve.

Resident Evil

There haven’t been any good Resident Evil games on mobile. Well, there have, but that was back when mobiles had buttons and people got excited about polyphonic ringtones. Simpler times. It’s not like the controls from the early RE games are going to be difficult to translate to touchscreen – they were already rubbish. ZING.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Stuck on a plane? Bored out of your mind? Whip out your phone and fly a different plane to anywhere in the world. This would allow the sort of plane-ception most people can only dream of. In fact, most people probably wouldn’t dream of that, because it’s pretty boring. Flying a plane on your phone would be cool though, right?

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