The 10 Best Battle Royale Games for iPhone, iPad and Android 2021 – Call of Duty, PUBG, Garena Free Fire and More

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Everyone loves a good battle royale. That’s why there are so many of them on mobile at the moment. In fact, it feels like you can’t look at the App Store or Google Play Store without another one of the buggers popping up. And that’s why we’ve written this list of the best battle royale games for mobile in 2021.

There are some famous names on the list, as well as some battle royales that take things in fresh and exciting new directions. And there’s PUBG. Obviously there’s PUBG. If you’re looking to play one of the best battle royales for your phone or tablet in 2021, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

While it isn’t JUST a battle royale game, the battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best we’ve played. There’s always a game waiting for you, and there are new variations thrown in regularly to keep things interesting.

A massive map, loads of players and some of the best mobile gunplay in the world. What more could you want from your portable battle royale experience?

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Garena Free Fire

This one’s split into tight-paced 50 player battles that take about ten minutes to complete. It’s got some neat modes too, like a 4v4 battle that’s going to keep you on or around your toes.

Throw in team ups, some decent graphics and a massive community and it’s clear to see why this one deserves a place on our list of the best mobile battle royales of 2021.

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PUBG Mobile

The game that really kick started the battle royale genre might not have been the first to make it onto mobile, but it’s still well worth checking out. It’s got everything you’d expect from the genre – closing rings, grabbing loot and getting ambushed.

The battles here are 100 players big, and there’s a whole bunch of other twists on the genre to sink your teeth into as well. There’s a reason PUBG inspired a whole genre, so make sure you check it out.

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A3: Still Alive

Why is there an MMO on this list? Because A3 is an MMO with an awesome battle royale PvP mode that twists up the genre in some really exciting ways. There’s more to do than in most BR games, and that’s a good thing.

Plus while all the other games so far are all guns and shooting and grenades ,A3 adds a fantastical shake-up. Battle royale with swords and magic? Yeah, we’re up for that.

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Knives Out

This one sees you joining up with other players in teams of five to take part in enormous 100 people battles. There are other modes too, including a 50v50 team deathmatch that is, to put it mildly, absolutely bonkers.

For a game called Knives Out, there’s a suspiciously small amount of stabbing in the game, but when that’s the only thing we can think of to complain about, you know it must be pretty good.

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Badlanders takes some of the shape of the battle royale, shakes in some looting and customisable weapons and creates something new and exciting in the process.

If you’ve played a BR before and you’re looking for a fresh take on the experience, then Badlanders is definitely worth checking out. Heck, it’s worth checking out even if you haven’t.

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Ride Out Heroes

There are a lot of Netease games on this list. That’s because Netease makes a lot of BR games for mobile. This one adds classes into the mix, giving each player a unique role on the team. Oh and you can ride a dragon too.

There are some neat fantasy touches here that make Ride Out Heroes stand out. And loads and loads of different heroes to pick from. It’s different and it’s definitely worth a go.

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Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival grabs the BR dial and twists it as high as it can possibly go. More players, more modes, more guns, more… well, more. And it still manages to be a huge bubbling pot of awesomeness.

It’s got an enormous player base, and it’s always chucking new stuff in front of you. You won’t get bored. You might get lost on the massive map, but other than that Rules of Survival is pretty darn slick.

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The other games on this list are all about size and scope. takes things in the other direction. Its smash and bash battles to the death only last a handful of minutes, and they involve throwing axes, which is super cool.

It’s got vikings. It’s got knights. We mentioned it had axes, right? This is the perfect battle royale game to fill up a few spare minutes of your no-doubt incredibly important time. Also, axes.

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Bullet League

Let’s wrap things up with a game that’s a bit out of the ordinary. This is a battle royale mixed with a side-scrolling action platformer. It’s got loads of players, it’s got a closing ring, and it’s got more shooting than you can shake your shoot stick at.

If you’re tired of trad BR, or you find the whole thing a bit overwhelming, then we reckon this is the perfect game for you.

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