New iOS Games This Week: Heavenstrike Rivals, Flop Rocket and More

By Jim Squires |

“Hotly anticipated games” isn’t a phrase we’ve been able to use too often in release release weeks, but with Heavenstrike Rivals and Overkill 3 on this list, it’s a phrase I’m comfortable using.

There are plenty of other interesting games worth checking out this week, from a castaway puzzle game to a pair of releases from the makers of Quadropus Rampage.

Heavenstrike Rivals

heavenstrike rivals

A fun mix of tactics and accessibility, Heavenstrike Rivals earned four stars in our review this week. It’s been a hotly anticipated title, especially coming from Square Enix, and we’re glad to report that it managed to scratch that mobile strategy itch that’s so hard to find in small doses.

Agent Alice

agent alice

Wooga, aka the studio behind Pearl’s Peril, are taking another stab at the hidden object genre — this time with the promise of weekly content to advance the story.

Overkill 3


The third entry in the Overkill series looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. But how does it play? Combine elements of the past games with 3rd-person cover mechanics, and that’s Overkill 3 in a nutshell.

Flop Rocket


After much fiddling to find the perfect balance between freemium and premium, Butterscotch Shennigans have brought the “Butter Up!” version of Flop Rocket to the App Store. Previously available on Android, Flop Rocket is their take on games like Lunar Lander – but being the Bscotch team, you’ve got to know there’s more to it than that.

Roid Rampage


Oh snap! Butterscotch Shennigans have brought not one, but two of their previous Android releases to the App Store today. Formerly known as “Roid Rage,” this one has you piloting a ship… with no brakes…. through an asteroid field?!

Jelly Jump

jelly jump ketchapp

Another week, another new Ketchapp game. This week’s might also be their prettiest: a game about jumping a jelly shape to new platforms that come in with unique approaches.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

magic touch wizard for hire

Modern masters of the quickplay diversion, Nitrome’s latest game has players casting spells with their finger to pop bubbles and earn some sweet, sweet coins.

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions


Old school RPG gameplay and the promise of a ninja. What more could you ask for?



Sopio is a game of points. A silly, silly game of points. Try to earn 1000 points while stopping your opponents from doing the same. Fans of card games like Fluxx will definitely want to give this one a try.

Under the Sun

under the sun

A puzzle game about guiding a castaway to his campfall. Sounds easy, right? But what if every step you took caused the island to change? Under the Sun promises growing trees, crumbling bridges and more to challenge gamers.

Slashing Demons


If this were a movie, it would be “Clive Barker’s Timberman.”

Bungee Mummy


A physics game about guiding a mummy using only his bandages. Swing, catapult – do whatever it takes – just help that darned mummy get out of the pyramid!

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete


As much as we love a good gamebook, the Gamezebo reviews of the Lone Wolf series has been fairly lukewarm. Still, if you’re looking to try something different (there’s a healthy mix of reading and action here), and you want the whole tale, Bulkypix is now presenting it in a single download.

Hell: Fight for Gilrand

hell fight for gilrand

Demons to the left of me, heroes to the right, here I am – stuck in the middle with you Hell: Fight for Gilrand. Strategy gamers should have a field day with this one. From much-loved strategy developers Hunted Cow and Slitherine, Hell has players vying for control of a fantasy land using a wide variety of troops and tactics.

Download ($9.99)



A puzzle game with a clear inspiration from Threes!, you’ll play a big fish eating smaller fish (and avoiding the big fish that want to eat you).

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