Tonight’s 5 New iOS Games You Should Know About

It’s been a pretty great week for the App Store. A big Crossy Road update, the iPad adaptation of the tabletop game Boss Monster, and the paint fighting Brush Master have all released before the typical Wednesday night new games avalanche.

Mark my words, though: that avalanche is coming.

Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure

If you’re a Hearthstone fan (and who isn’t?), tonight is a very big night. The second Hearthstone Adventure launches its first wing, and when all is said and done there will be 31 new cards to help you drop the Doomhammer on your opponents in ranked play.

Rock On: A SongPop Adventure

Loved the multiplayer music trivia of SongPop? Eagerly anticipating SongPop 2? Rock On should help keep you busy while you wait. It’s a single player alternative to everybody’s favorite music test, and like its predecessor, will be a free download when it hits the App Store tonight.

A Day in the Woods

One of our favorite PC games of 2011 gets a touchscreen translation, along with a facelift befitting four years worth of polish and refinement. If you like the challenge of a sliding tile puzzle game, you’ll want to check out this unique twist on the formula.

Circle Frenzy

Think you can run circles around the average platformer? Prove it in the latest game from Major Magnet creators PagodaWest, a game about circling little platformer planets for as long as you can.

Last Voyage

I love a good surprise from time-to-time. Last Voyage is going to be one of those surprises. We have someone playing it for review, but I’ve asked to be kept in the dark until it’s ready to publish. Why do I want to know so little? Watch the trailer above, and you’ll hopefully have your answer.

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