Tonight’s 5 New iOS Games You’ll Want to Play

Full disclaimer: I’ve never watched Rick and Morty.

That may seem like a weird admission to make on mobile games site, but this week it’s going to be pretty relevant. Pocket Mortys, the Pokemon-style Rick & Morty game, has just hit the App Store… only I’m not going to get any of the jokes.

Lucky for you, the rest of Gamezebo isn’t as culturally deaf as I am, and we have a full review and guide waiting for eager fans of the series. And for everyone else? There are some other nifty releases hitting the App Store tonight too! (Don’t miss Venture Kid, pictured above)

Pocket Mortys


Why wait? This one launched a little early, and it’s great. Nearly perfect score in our review great. Rick and Morty and Pokemon. What’s not to love?


Get platforming in circles. Momoka is a side-scrolling adventure around (and through) planets as the title character travels through the solar system trying to find a way to save her sun.

Punch Club

After a nifty promotion that put the release date control in the hands of gamers, Punch Club is making its way to the App Store tonight. The game is kind of a mix between The Sims and Punch Out, but that doesn’t really do it justice. You’ll have to take off your own golden gloves if you want to check this thing out. Touch screens are finicky that way.


Words with Friends is so 2012. In 2016, it’s all about Words with Gnomes. We’re hearing this one described as a mix of Scrabble and Tetris, but with plenty of power-ups. Find out how accurate that is when Gnomium hits the App Store tonight.

Venture Kid

Announced years ago, this love letter to Mega Man will finally arrive in your pockets this week. If you grew up in the days of 8-bit platforming, you’re legally required to check this one out. It’s in the constitution… probably.

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