Grim Tales: The Vengeance Review – Ace Attorney

The Good

Excellent artwork and animations.

Clever mini-games that end up being a highlight of the experience.

Great HOG scenes with just the right amount of challenge.

The Bad

Some of the voice acting lacks in quality.


Ms. Gray is a talented detective. Not only is she tops at sleuthing out the whodunnit of every situation, but she can actually take her mind back and experience events surrounding items related to the crime in question. This time around it’s not some random murderer from the other side of the country. It’s her nephew James, and he’s accused of murdering his own sister.

Grim Tales: The Vengeance starts with a spark and never dims down. The hidden object title bends genre ideas this way and that, creating an adventure that’s stuffed with everything you want from a casual game, right down to the action packed cutscenes and intricate mini-games. The story begins with a tense courtroom scene and moves back and forth as Ms. Gray peers into the time frozen past to analyze events as they occurred. Things quickly unwind into a suspenseful supernatural tale, though you probably guessed that from the title.


The core of Grim Tales 6 is built around picking up items from a small handful of scenes. Look for anything out of the ordinary as you travel the appropriately grim set pieces, then just give a click when you want to zoom in or collect something. Many items will need to be manipulated from your inventory before they can be used, but others are ready-made to remove obstacles so you can continue on your merry way.

Hidden object scenes are abundant and interesting. You’ll have a list of items at the bottom of the screen along with a jumbled mess of stuff up above. Several of the objects will be highlighted a different color, denoting an interactive element to their nature. Need a magnifying glass but can only find a lens? Look for the handle and put the two pieces together. How about that earring you just can’t locate? Try moving items aside or unlocking something with a key!


Filling out Grim Tales: The Vengeance’s array of diversions are a boatload of unique, entertaining, and engaging mini-games. There are all kinds of gadgets and trinkets standing between you and the solutions to some puzzles. Spinning marble puzzle with walls and tunnels? Check. Doll houses with misplaced body parts? Got that, too!

Grim Tales 6 has just about everything you’d want in a hidden object game. Best of all, it’s presented in a fluid and attractive package. There are no genre-breaking ideas wedged into the gameplay, but what’s here has been built to feel just slightly out of the ordinary. And that’s a very good thing.

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