Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Review – Bear of a Tale

The Good

Hard focus on puzzles creates a stunning adventure experience.

Items have unconventional but logical uses.

Amazing graphics.

The Bad

Hit and miss voice acting.

It’s your twin sister’s wedding, and you couldn’t be more excited. On the long carriage ride over, however, a bear leaps out of the forest and attacks, nearly knocking you into the ravine. You only just manage to survive. As soon as you make it to the wedding, the beast attacks again, stealing your sister and running off into the woods. You have no choice but to head out and find her. It’s her wedding day, after all!

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is a dark medieval fantasy game that incorporates heavy adventure elements with just a touch of hidden object flair. You’ll explore small sections of the countryside just a few screens at a time, concentrating your item hunting and inventory stocking efforts in a series of small, compact areas. Clearing the next big obstacle means solving mini-games and a number of short puzzles, all designed to give you a little bit of challenge on your mythical journey across the land.


The Forsaken Bride’s hidden object puzzles are minimalist and surprisingly rare. You’ll bump into several types of scenes, the most common of which seems to be silhouette puzzles. Object outlines are arranged at the bottom of the screen, each representing a part of the key item you’ll need to assemble. Hunt for the shapes and click them to assemble. Really, the hidden object sections are just another variety of puzzle to complete, right alongside the tile swapping and pattern matching riddles that populate the rest of the game. And if you’re not in the mood to solve a hidden object puzzle, you can always switch and play a domino mini-game instead.

Pacing is Grim Legends’ biggest strength. This is a casual adventure game that just doesn’t slow down. Something dramatic happens every other scene, throwing wrenches into the main characters’ plans and sending you out on new paths you never thought you’d explore. Think you’re going to find that bear and put a lid on this whole situation before the appetizers spoil? Think again. This keeps the excitement levels high, which pairs wonderfully with the cerebral puzzles in the rest of the game. Grim Legends knows how to provide a complete adventure experience.


Once you charge through the main game in the Collector’s Edition, two unlockable bonus chapters are made available, nearly doubling the length of the game. That, along with the usual array of artwork, walkthrough and other bonus content makes this a CE well-worth digging into.

The age of action-packed adventure games is upon us, and Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is proudly leading the way. The setting is deliciously medieval, the story is engaging and full of surprises, and the puzzles are smartly built so you get a bit of a challenge without having to resort to a walkthrough. If you like your hidden object scenes with a heavy dose of brain teasers, give Grim Legends a go. Also, you get a cat companion. How can you say no to that?

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