Every Apple Arcade Game of 2022 Played and Rated

By Harry Slater |

For the past couple of years we’ve been keeping a regularly updated list of every new game that lands on Apple Arcade. It was getting a bit long and unwieldy, so we’re starting a new list for 2022.

You can still read our list of every Apple Arcade game of 2021 and 2020 by clicking here, but we’ll be continuing to update this new version as the year goes on. We’ll share our definitive opinion of every game that lands on Apple’s subscription service.

Make sure you check back regularly to see what we think of the latest titles landing on Apple Arcade. And now, here’s every Apple Arcade game of 2022 – played and rated.

Hearts: Card Game+, Spades: Card Game+

2022 hasn’t exactly started out with a bang on Apple Arcade. So much so that we’ve decided to group the two games that HAVE come out together. They’re both digital representations of popular card games, they’re both really well put together, and if you like Hearts or Spades you’ll love them. Hopefully there’ll be something meatier on the way in the coming weeks, though.

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