Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911 Review: Pet Physician

The Good

Easy to learn gameplay.

Fun storyline with plenty of adorable pets.

Just enough diversions and extras to be interesting.

The Bad

Variety between stages is minimal.

Who doesn’t love a big fuzzy animal? Amy has something of an obsession with our four legged friends, inspiring her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. As with most things in life she starts small, working at her grandfather’s clinic in the country as she gets the hang of choosing the best milkbones and perfecting kitty-related cures. But Amy’s got her eyes set on the big city, and she’ll do whatever it takes to land a job at the biggest clinic around.

Dr. Cares is a story driven time management game that’s a spin-off from the Delicious Emily and Heart’s Medicine series. You’ll find the same easy-to-grasp gameplay, pleasant artwork and careful focus on character development, only instead of delivering desserts now you’re serving up pet supplies to sick puppies.

Each day in the clinic goes something like this: People stroll in the front door, often bringing their sick pets with them. Some want accessories like toys, collars with charms, or designer food. Others need a little medical treatment for ouchies of varying kinds. When a product is all that’s required, simply click to send Amy to grab the item in need, take it to the customer, then ring them up and send them on their way. Treatments work in a similar manner, only instead of clicking and moving on, you get to complete a quick mini-game before handing the pet a clean bill of health.

Mini-games provide small diversions as you treat your furry little patients. On the first stage, for example, you’ll pull thorns out of paws and trim claws by clicking them one by one. The games change depending on which clinic you’re working in, but they’re always quick and simple, the kind you can figure out in less than a second and complete just a few seconds after that. Just enough of a distraction to be entertaining.

Optional challenges keep you enamored with Dr. Cares from level to level. Stages are time based and feature a side goal you can work towards for extra points. These are usually fairly simple tasks like hunting down a lost turtle or making it to the laptop between customers so you can apply to new jobs. You also need to upgrade furnishings and keep an eye out for a little mouse that pops out from behind things. Give it a click for some nice bonus points!

Diving into a game related to the Delicious Emily series is kind of a no-brainer for time management fans. Dr. Cares features the same attractive core gameplay as its related series, letting you slide in and start playing right away. The story pulls in Amy’s friends and family as she continues her journey from clinic to clinic, making her feel more like a real person than a flat time management protagonist. All in all, Dr. Cares is a great time management experience¬†that will keep you clicking until every pet in the country is happy and healthy.

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