9 New Android Games You Should Play This Week

If you like puzzles, this is a tremendously good week to be an Android gamer. From turn-based environmental puzzles to puzzle platformers, and even puzzles that defy existing labels, there’s a little bit of everything for the head-scratchingly inclined.

Have we missed your favorite new Android game from the last week? Please let us know in the comments below!

Lara Croft GO


Square Enix Montreal has released the second game in their board-game-inspired GO series, and this time they’re featuring everybody’s favorite tomb raider. Puzzle your way through each level in only a set number of moves, exploring and avoiding dangers on the journey.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon


Explore a house, weave webs, and try to avoid the real-time weather in this spectacular sequel to 2009’s Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. (Don’t like spiders? There’s a trick to playing the game as something else!)



A much talked about puzzler in 2014 on iOS, Framed is a game about controlling the narrative by dragging comic book panels around the screen. Spoiler: we loved it.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

the walking dead road to survival

A little bit of city-building, a little RPG combat, and a whole lot of story come to the town of Woodbury in this great little free-to-play game set in the world of your favorite zombie survivors.

Bullet Boy

bullet boy

If you loved the barrels in Donkey Kong Country, Bullet Boy is a very easy recommendation to make this week. It’s a game built around that mechanic, and as you’ll see in our review, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows

There are two months between today and Halloween, but that’s no reason to avoid getting a little spooky. Help a haunted house and its inhabitants find peace in this puzzle platformer.

Tiny Empire

tiny empire

A physics puzzle challenge that looks like the long lost child of the Angry Birds series, but with a few twists all its own. Use your cannon to do as much damage (and wipe out as many enemies) as you can with each shot.

Speedy Ninja

speedy ninja

Endless running meets endless competition thanks to the promise of daily leaderboards. If you’re the sort of gamer that’s always chasing after a high score, and you also happen to love the running genre, Speedy Ninja has you covered on both fronts.

Glow Monsters

glow monsters

Have you ever wished Pac-Man was more of a puzzle game? If so, Glow Monsters should be on your radar this week. Eat pellets and dodge monsters in intricately planned mazes.

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