8 New iOS & Android Games You Need to Play This Week

If you’ve been sitting around bored at your desk all morning, this week’s new iPhone and Android games are the cure to your Thursday blues. We honestly can’t remember the last time that this many great games hit the App Store at once. Bushido Bear and Leap Day alone should keep you occupied for months.

And if you need more? The list below has you covered.

Bejeweled Stars


One of the biggest casual franchises of all time is back, and this time they’re bringing some modern mobile puzzle trappings with them. Don’t be scared, though — this is still the Bejeweled you know and love, with satisfyingly huge combos and plenty of gems to match.

Bushido Bear

bushido bear

SpryFox, the makers of Bushido Bear, should really consider changing the animal in their name. After seeing success with Triple Town and AlphaBear, the studio is returning to the ursine world once more with Bushido Bear — an action game of line-drawing, attacks, and avoidance.

Leap Day


If you’re up for a daily challenge and love old school platformers, few games will satisfy your cravings quite as nicely as Leap Day. A vertical platformer with a new level every day, Leap Day’s challenges are meaty and offer up a perfect amount of play for daily visits. Just be prepared for old school difficulty as you near the top of each stage.



Candy and puzzling take a fresh approach on the App Store this week in Puzzlepops!, a new game from former Halfbrick designer Layton Hawkes. The goal of the game is to push the candies into the matching hollow spaces — and it’s much easier said than done.



A platforming game with no sense of up or down, Caterzillar sees players travelling on the tops, bottoms, and sides of environments just like a real caterpillar would. A real caterpillar would not, however, concern itself with rescuing a princess — that’s what makes yours so special.

Smash Fu

smash fu

Smash Fu is the unholy love child of Piano Tiles and Fruit Ninja — and if you’re a fan of either, it’s well worth a play. While it veers closer to Piano Tiles in terms of gameplay, there’s a certain frantic fun to be had here. This is also the latest release from Bit Free Games, whose Halfpipe Hero was one of this year’s truly great surprises on the App Store.

Talisman: The Horus Heresy

talisman horus heresy

A popular board game gets an even more popular license this week in this Warhammer 40,000-themed twist on Talisman. The original Talisman was already a blast to play in its digital adaptation, so we have high hopes that space marines can make things ever better.

Final Friday: The Halloween Clicker

final friday halloween clicker

If you’re a fan of idle clickers and you loved last week’s Final Meteor, you may want to pick up it’s spooky sidekick. This one is from the same developers, and promises plenty of pixelated ghouls and goblins to do battle with, including the pumpkin-headed malcontent pictured above.

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