8 New Android Games You Need to Play This Week

Covering both the iOS App Store and Google Play can make for a strange mix. Oftentimes great games hit one platform first, but then take weeks, months, or — as is the case with two of this week’s new releases — even years to arrive on the other.

Don’t fret, though: Android gamers always get Freddy first, and that’s something to crow about.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

fnaf4 android release date

After FNAF3 seemed to wrap up the series’ story nicely, there was some doubt about whether Scott Cawthon’s popular horror series would continue. This week is did — though the story it’s telling is something new. This time the terror isn’t in your favorite pizza parlor — it’s in your house.



We still call it “QWOP Rocketeer” around the Gamezebo watercooler, but regardless of how we describe it, Piloteer is well worth a purchase if you enjoy frustrating, silly, challenging-to-control mobile games. (I know what you’re thinking, but seriously — you probably do).

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father


A classic point-and-click adventure gets a makeover for its 20th anniversary. Whether you’re a hardened veteran or a first-timer, point-and-click fans owe it to themselves to see why Gabriel Knight has long been considered a cult classic.

Divide By Sheep


Feeling a little shorn that this great little puzzler hit iOS but not Android? There’s no reason to get wooly about it — you can combine math and mutton just like your Apple counterparts effective immediately.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements


A CCG that should appeal to the Hearthstone crowd, Earthcore offers something wildly different: quickplay sessions and gameplay built around a rock/paper/scissors mechanic. Don’t let the RPS description scare you away, though — Earthcore is a much deeper experience than it sounds like, with gorgeous card art and a great story in the single player campaign.

Super QuickHook

super quickhook android

Rocketcat Games is a name you should know pretty well by now. After all, they’re the team behind 2014’s spectacular roguelike Wayward Souls. Long before their hack’n’slash days, they were better known as the studio behind the Hook Champ series. And now, five years later, the second game in the franchise has come to Android. Read our review from 2010 to find out why it’s well worth your time.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf


Every time I turn around lately, it seems like there’s another Warhammer game. If you’re a fan of Games Workshop products, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The latest to arrive on Android actually showed up on iOS late last year, and offers a turn-based space marine experience that should scratch many a WH40k fans’ itch.

Deadlock: Online

deadlock online android

Almost as old as Super Quickhook, this 2011 iOS release makes it way to Google Play this week, complete with all of the multiplayer twin-stick shooting action you could ask for.

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