7 New Mobile Games You Should Know About This Week

Hey there! We know it’s time for that mad dash to the holidays, but you need to relax just a bit. No use in getting yourself all worked up, especially at this time of year. Sure, there’s probably shopping to do, perhaps travel plans to arrange. Or maybe you have people coming to visit you. That’s still a few weeks away.

In the meantime, you might as well enjoy a few new mobile games. We’ll even help you decide which ones look like the most promising new additions to the app stores this week, because that’s just how we roll. It’s a lighter week, perhaps because the Games for (RED) push is happening this week, but we’re still happy to curate for you.

You can return to your pre-holiday freak out once you’re finished.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

apollo justice ace attorney

Move over, Phoenix Wright. You aren’t the only ace attorney in town. Apollo Justice does consider him a mentor, though, and in this fourth game in the Ace Attorney series (which curiously came to mobile after the fifth game), it’s up to Apollo to apply what he’s learned. Previous games in the series have made the transition to phones and tablets quite nicely, and we don’t expect this one to be any different. If you prefer your action to be of the courtroom variety, this is easily your pick this week.

Samorost 3


I’m always a big fan of when games have already come out on one mobile platform and are just spreading to another, because one of our writers can already vouch for them. In the case of Samorost 3, our own Rob Rich called it “weird and wonderful,” praising the game’s visuals, soundtrack and puzzles. These games have definitely come a long way since the series started, and there’s more to do in this one than ever before.

The Battle of Polytopia

battle for polytopia

What’s in a name? Hopefully nothing that will detract from this game as it appeared on iOS earlier this year, when it was called Super Tribes. This easy to learn, challenging to master strategy game has depth that goes beyond what you might expect from its simple visuals, and it makes every turn count by limiting how many rounds you have to defeat your opponents. Android gamers should enjoy finally being able to give this a try, no matter what it’s called.

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

soldiers inc

This is the first game ever where you can build a base, train troops and build units, team up with other people in alliances and then raid other players’ bases. I kid, of course, but Soldiers Inc. offers an interesting near future setting, a lot of cool-looking vehicles and very clean visuals. This genre isn’t really my jam, but it certainly is for many people, and if you’re one of them, adding this to your list of games to check out is probably all good.

Colt Express

colt express

While it sounds like it might just be a fully grown version of the Pony Express, this is actually a mobile translation of a well-known board game about robbing trains. Cool, right? Even better, you don’t need other people to play — though you certainly can play with them, since multiplayer is in full effect — thanks to a solo mode with 30 chapters and six different outlaws to explore. Plus you’ll find collectible skins and environments and other stuff you wouldn’t find in a physical game. Boss.

Swap Sword

swap sword

Swap Sword allows you to take out some of the frustration you have with match-3 games, or the ones I have, anyway. Instead of just moving symbols around the board, your character is right in there among them and can use his sword to slash them. You still need to make matches, but they’re used to power up spells to help defeat the many enemies on the playing field as well. It’s also a roguelike, so your decisions really have consequences. That’s a new twist on match-3 I can heartily endorse.

Z Buster

z buster

A Mega Man weapon got its own game? Or did the final stage of a giant anime robot get to take center stage? Neither, actually. Z Buster is a fun-looking blend of action and comedy where you are trying to fend off a zombie invasion. It’s just that these zombies are dumber and cuter than most of the undead. There’s a ton of weaponry to unlock and put to use as well, so you’re likely to figure out more ways to annihilate zombies than ever before. And that’s a useful thing.

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