7 New iOS Games to Check Out This Week

By Nick Tylwalk |

Our fearless leader is away this week, reportedly gallivanting around England. Does that mean we can’t highlight some of the more interesting new iOS games to hit the App Store this week for you, our loyal Gamezebo readers?

Heavens no! It just took us a little bit longer is all. Whether you’re looking for something new and free to download or some interesting fare that you can pay one price to enjoy, there looks to be something that might tickle your fancy.

Let’s do this in alphabetical order. That seems fair.

Agent Gumball – Roguelike Spy Game

Agent Gumball screenshot

I’ll have to admit to not knowing a whole lot about The Amazing World of Gumball, the Cartoon Network animated series this game is based on, but my 9-year old daughter loves it. The idea of a roguelike game starring those characters is pretty amusing just on its own, and since this is being marketed for kids 9-11, it looks like it will hit the mark for that demographic.

Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! screenshot

Is it just me, or do some of the Angry Birds actually look a little scary when rendered in 3D fashion? Nightmare fuel. Anyway, with The Angry Birds Movie now carrying a lot of Rovio’s hopes for the brand, it was only natural that there would be a game that spoke directly to their depictions therein, and this is it. Time to see if the birds can still take flight.

Disney Magical Dice


It’s kind of like Monopoly but not just a clone. Disney Magical Dice combines classic board game elements with some card-collecting tidbits, and, of course, a whole bunch of Disney characters. It looks like fun for all ages, and there’s nothing more quintessentially Disney than that.

Egz – The Origin of the Universe


Just when you thought you knew how the universe was formed, it turns out you may have been mistaken — or at least misinformed. This colorful mix of puzzles and action puts you in control of what appears to be a walking egg as you try to create the universe. No pressure there! Also, stuff it, Big Bang.

Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures screenshot

There hasn’t been any sign that mobile gamers are sick of card games yet, and Pathfinder Adventures has a leg up on some others since it’s a digital translation of an existing physical game. It looks gorgeous and full of detail, and while it’ll be interesting to see how it’s implemented in free-to-play form, just the fact that people can download it for free should get it some extra looks.



While they’re not always the best barometer of a game’s quality, sometimes the App Store write-up for a game just forces you to pay attention. Spellbinders is described as “Clash Royale mixed with Plants vs. Zombies,” a label that sounds awesome even without knowing anything else. Early player reviews seem to be bashing the F2P model, but it certainly looks liker a title at least worth investigating.

War Tortoise


Just so we’re clear, this game features a heavily armored turtle with a mouse machine-gunner. You fight raccoons, lizards, toads and other animals, all armed to the teeth. I’m not sure anything else really needs to be said.

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