7 New Android Games to Play This Week

Labor Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you need to go back to work just yet. Maybe you can keep the vacation going by sneaking in a little game time at your desk. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.

And if you need some recommendations on what to play? These seven new Android games this week should more than fit the bill.

Dungeon Boss

dungeon boss

Raid dungeons in search of awesome loot that you can use to improve your heroes and… raid more dungeons? OK!

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville


Surviving the zombie apocalypse would be impossible without a good leader. Maybe that leader is you. Rebuild society and manage the only humans left in this fantastically fun simulation game. Previous Rebuilding experience not required.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile


Yes, that’s an honest-to-goodness 3DS Nintendo game that’s come to mobile. It’s free-to-play, and it’s not universally loved, but if you’ve ever wanted to catch them on all your Android device (without resorting to piracy), now’s your chance!



Dead Trigger fans, pay attention: this is (more or less) Dead Trigger 3. It’s another zombie shooter from MADFINGER, and it’s utterly gorgeous. Go kill something dead.



A puzzle platformer about taking over the bodies of NPCs, Infestor was a blast on iOS when it launched more than two years ago. It’s a shame Android gamers have had to wait so long, but hey — at least you’ll get to take over the world as (essentially) a sentient sneeze.

Cute Things Dying Violently


We first reviewed Cute Things Dying Violently when it was a PC puzzle game, and described it as a mix of “Angry Birds, Lemmings and Doom.” Try to wrap your head around that one.

The Deer God


This is a very “love it or hate it” sort of game. Admittedly, our own reviewer fell in the latter — but that doesn’t mean you necessarily will. Live the life of a hunter reincarnated as a deer in the latest release from Crescent Moon Games.

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