7 Apple Watch Games We Can’t Wait to Play

Earlier this week, Apple put all their cards on the table when it came to the Apple Watch. We know the prices, we know the dates – we know everything you’ll be able to do with it.

…except gaming.

But while Apple remained disappointingly mum on the subject of Apple Watch games, developers have not. And of all the Apple Watch games we’ve heard about so far, these seven are the ones we’re most excited to see when we glance down at our wrist.


rules! apple watch

Without a doubt, Rules! was one of the coolest puzzle games of 2014. We liked its “remember all these rules in order” gameplay so much that it was one of our picks for the best iPhone games of that year. And as a game that requires no more interaction than tapping, it seems like a perfect fit for the Apple Watch. That said, the original game featured 16 tiles, and developer TheCodingMonkeys seems to have shrunk it to 4 (we assume because of size constraints).



Freshplanet are best known as the creators of the SongPop franchise, but over the last year they’ve released a treasure trove of cool little games you should be playing. In case you haven’t been, don’t worry – you’ll be able to make up for that when they bring BoxPop to your wrist: a great puzzle game that limits your movement to the L-shaped maneuvering of a Chess knight.


hatchi apple watch

The App Store has no shorting of virtual pet games, and Hatchi might just be its most popular. It’s as close as you can get to a 90’s-era Tamagotchi — and now you’ll be able to feed and bathe your little fella right without ever having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Zombies Run

“We’ll definitely support Apple Watch, but we can’t say yet exactly when that will happen!” reads the official Twitter account for Six to Start’s popular fitness game. And as a fitness game, this one just makes sense, right? Apple Watch has a huge appeal to the health community thanks to its biometrics tracking. When you’re trying to outrun a zombie, it’s important to keep track of your heartbeat.


letterpad apple watch

As the creators of Tiny Towers, Pocket Planes, and Nimble Quest, NimbleBit know a thing or two about making fantastic mobile games. But can they see the same success on an even smaller screen? The upcoming word game Letterpad looks to find out, challenging players to make words on a 3×3 grid that match with the clue provided.

BlastBall Duo


The recently released (and Apple featured) BlastBall MAX has been seeing some real love on the App Store – but this is only the beginning. This puzzler is also getting a 1-on-1 version, and you’ll be able to play it right on your Apple Watch.

Elementary Minute

Trivia games are wildly popular on the App Store (just ask Trivia Crack), and the ability to play them quickly matters almost as much as the questions themselves. Elementary Minute values your time, presenting you with a statement that you can confirm as true or false by swiping up or down on your Apple Watch. How many can you get right in 60 seconds?

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