6 Unique Gifts for Mobile Gamers

By Lian Amaris |

Are you still searching for the perfect gift for a mobile game lover? Or, have your own loved ones been pleading for a nifty gifty list you can share with them? Gamezebo is here to help!

From adorably suited-up bears to a bobblehead desk buddy, here are some gifts inspired by some of our favorite mobile games this year. They may not arrive before Christmas, but that’s ok — gifts this good are worth waiting for.

Alphabear Mug


It’s quite possible that Alphabear could boast having the cutest bears ever seen in a mobile game. Festooned in the most creative outfits, these bears would definitely earn our best-dressed award. While collecting all of the bears might seem impossible within the game, SpryFox has provided fans a group to enjoy in the real world! Even the grumpiest “not-a-morning-person” will crack a smile for these divine little creatures displayed on their new mug. (Buy)

Mr. Jump Figurine


The 3D figurine is a staple of the gaming fan. Our choice is this sandstone replica of Mr. Jump, the eponymous blockhead hero who catapulted to fame earlier this year. Modular and colorful, this little guy will remind his owner that no matter the obstacles, success can be yours with practice and persistence. (Buy)

Neko Atsume Sticker Collection


We are obsessed with the cat-collecting joys of Neko Atsume. Here’s an easy way to show even more kawaii cat love: Neko Atsume-inspired stickers! The charming little furballs can adorn notebooks, gift boxes, or anywhere else you want some cuteness… and you don’t even have to feed or entertain them. Also, it’s worth noting that there are plushies available (!) but they only appear on eBay with international shipping so it may be too late to add them to a well-fitting, cozy little stocking. (Buy)

Crossy Road Plushie


Oh so much Crossy Road this year! Was anyone able to resist the call of the road? For those who have an affinity for pixelated animals, but may want a soft cuddle instead of sharp angles, Crossy Road plushies will make the perfect gift. The same site also offers Five Nights At Freddy’s plushies, but I think those are only appropriate to give to someone you really dislike. (Buy)

Lara Croft Art Print


While this design from hispurplegloves  isn’t officially tied to Lara Croft GO, there is something about the minimalist aesthetic that is clearly reminiscent of the award-winning game. Sleek and elemental, this print is a sophisticated way to show some Lara love for any fan. (Buy)

Fallout Bobblehead


Can any gamer gift list be complete without a bobblehead? Unlikely. In honor of this year’s surprise hit Fallout Shelter, which captured the minds, hearts, and words of many of us here at Gamezebo, we offer up this Vault Boy sporting his signature “thumbs up.” Friendly and affirming with a jaunty bobble, this new desk friend will help any office dweller thrive. (Buy)

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