6 Funky Mobile Games for Couples

Valentine’s Day most often means spending some quality time with your significant other — and here at Gamezebo, we believe that quality time should include some mobile gaming. There are plenty of available games aimed at adding some (more) fun to sexy times; and on the other end of the spectrum are the mobile versions of yesteryear’s tabletop games, from Battleship to Backgammon. Somewhere in the middle are such tried-and-true partner games as Words With Friends, Draw Something, Ruzzle, QuizUp, and Letterpress.

But for a Gamezebo V-Day list, we have some suggestions for gaming couples looking to add something new and, in some cases, totally weird to their special time together. And if you don’t have a significant other, grab a friend and share your gaming love with these fresh and funky two-player games.

For Competitive Couples


There is something fulfilling about watching objects move in real time from your device to the device of your loved one- even if those objects are a stream of bullets from your attacking spaceship. Dodge projectiles across screens and fight back in a real-time battle for space shooter supremacy. And if you start feeling friendly, you can join forces in cooperative mode. Available on iOS and Android.

Red Hands

For folks who’d like to simulate some hand-on-hand action, Red Hands is a reflex game based on the children’s game of quick-timed hand slapping. Use one device, choose differently styled hands and start slapping away at one another, without any of the red-handed evidence. Available on iOS and Android.

For Collaborative Couples


Holding a device together, you and a partner must tilt and glide, guided by a virtual sphere and a classical music score. Maintain contact with the device and you’ll soon be twisting and turning around one another, unlocking eight unique dances choreographed by the Dutch National Ballet. Filled with grace and charm, Bounden will surely bring you closer to your (dance) partner. Available on iOS and Android.


If quiet graceful games aren’t quite your style, then strap on your pixel gear, jump on WiFi with your partner, and work together… as a spaceteam. You’ll soon find yourselves screaming with more passion than you thought possible- all because you must increase the Astral Synth to 3 before you go through the wormhole (everybody flip)! Though Spaceteam is several years old, it still holds up as one of the most fun cooperative games available (I still get all my houseguests to download and play with me when they visit). Available on iOS and Android.

An Awkward Affair

Dance Party

Not everyone can have the moves of a private dancer, but with Dance Party, you and your loved one can put on a pretty entertaining show for one another. Dance together or solo by connecting your iPhone to your Apple TV, Mac or PC through Airplay. Mimic the moves of the dancer on the screen and your phone will track and score your movements. Skip the night at the club and get your dance on together while staying in your sweats. Now that’s true love. Available on iOS.

Smooth Operator


Finally, the virtual kissing game you’ve always wanted (and maybe feared) arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. With your partner on a shared device, pick some freaky folks who will be enacting your special tongue time. Using cues on the screen, swipe along to make the most of your makeout sesh. Get your highest score through cooperative super moves with names like “The Bro Shake” and “Pizza Tongues.” Available on iOS.

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