5 of Tonight’s New iPhone and iPad Games You Should Know About

By Jim Squires |

Need a new game to play tonight? You’ll have plenty to choose from. Tower defense fans in particular should take note, because MORE KINGDOM RUSH.

Five intriguing games not enough for you? Don’t worry – we’ll have plenty more in our full new release round-up on Thursday morning.

Crossy Road


Gamezebo readers will know we’ve had our eyes on this one for a while, and tonight we’re going to see if it was worth the wait. A Frogger-inspired endless arcade game from Hipster Whale, aka Matthew Hall (Little Things Forever), Andy Sum (Dungeon Dashers) and Ben Weatherall, Crossy Road will be a free download.

Kingdom Rush Origins

If you’re a tower defense fan, strap in: your weekend plans are about to be revised. The third entry in the Kingdom Rush series, this one takes a more fantastical approach, introducing units and towers in a world of gnomes, elves and ents.



Gravity is a pain in the butt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage! Travel from cosmic rock to cosmic rock as you try to find all of the members of your crew that have been scattered to the four corners of the universe.

Checkpoint Champion

Two former Halfbrick developers have banded together under the new indie label Protostar, and their first game is a racing challenge unlike any other: you’ll be turning hard as you try and drive over an endless series of checkpoint circles scattered around the screen.

Earn to Die 2

I’m not going to lie: I missed the first Earn to Die. We play a lot of games here at Gamezebo, but I can’t personally play everything. I look forward to correcting this oversight tonight though, when Earn to Die 2 hits the App Store — a mix of floppy jalopy gameplay and zombie slaughtering fun.

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