5 of Tonight’s New iPhone and iPad Games Worth Watching

By Jim Squires |

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s a very special time of the week. At 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern, the App Store is going to be flooded with the biggest titles of the week.

We’ll be sure to sort out the winners and losers tomorrow morning, but if you can’t wait that long, here’s everything on tonight’s release list that we know about so far:

Crazy Taxi: City Rush


We checked this one out a little earlier this week, and it seems to have all of the makings of a solid mobile twist on an established franchise. If you love Crazy Taxi, you’ll want to give it a try. What do you have to lose? It’s free, after all.

Blood Bowl

Bloodbowl_tablet_03It’s fantasy football, but not like you’re thinking. Fantasy, like… dungeons and dragons fantasy. Or, more accurately here, Warhammer. Blood Bowl has been a popular hobbyist board game for years, and it’s seen some success on other digital platforms. Tonight it makes the jump to tablets, and promises cross-platform support to let you play with your friends who already have the game on PC.

80 Days


Remember how lovely Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! turned out? The same folks who handled the digital gamebook transition on those are back for another go round, and this time they’re travelling around the world with Phileas Fogg in the grand old year of 1872.



“It’s like Pokemon for your iPhone!” It’s a phrase you’ve heard countless times, and no, there’s never been a game that delivers on it. That said, we have really high hopes for Micromon. A fan-service indie project more than an attempt to cash-in on “gotta catch’em all” mania, we’ve been following this one since it’s regrettably failed Kickstarter back in 2012. Delighted to see this one is finally coming out.

Deep Loot

DeepLoot_Screengrab_02[1]Hidden gem or total flop? We’re not sure yet, but there’s something about Deep Loot that looks like it has some real potential. Players explore the ocean in search of treasure, all the while avoiding the water’s deadly inhabitants. Lots of collecting, equipment upgrading, and free-to-playing to be had.

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