5 of Tonight’s New iOS Games You Should Know about

By Jim Squires |

If you’re looking for a few new iPhone and iPad games to play this week, tonight sees the return of a pair of fairly noteworthy developers. In the blue trunks, one of the people responsible for one of the biggest console franchises of all time takes their first stab at mobile. In the red, an indie darling whose wowed us before on iOS makes his long awaited return to the App Store.

Who are these mystery men? Do I actually think I can make them box? And if not, why am I picturing them in shorts? Find out in our new iPhone and iPad games round-up below!

Midnight Star

Midnight Star shooter

Let me guess – you like shooters, but don’t like them on mobile. Can Midnight Star change your mind? Maybe! It’s from Alex Seropian’s new studio, aka the co-founder of Bungie. Midnight Star is an on-rails shooter, mind you, but regardless of what sub-genre it sits in, it’s hard to not be curious about his take on mobile.



Zach Gage has made some amazing mobile games, from his solo projects like SpellTower and Halcyon to collaborative efforts like Ridiculous Fishing. After a lengthy period of App Store silence, Zach returns tonight with #fortune. It’s not a game, so much as it’s a random fortune generator. Fun fact: it’s based on a real machine he built as an art installation, and its fortunes are auto-generated from Twitter content. He kept the machine plugged in at home after the exhibit, and wanted to share it with the world. Hence tonight’s app.

Immortal Odyssey

Gameloft is jumping feet first into the 2D free-to-play RPG market tonight, and they’re bringing a taste of Eastern appeal with them. Immortal Odyssey draw its flavor and inspiration from ancient Chinese myths, leaving me to wonder – are Gameloft hoping for a hit in Asia as well as the West?

Nobody Said It Was Easy


Remember when games were hard? More than just a catchy title, Nobody Said It Was Easy looks to relive the days of the BBC Micro and/or Commodore 64, giving players a brutally difficult platforming challenge about a hero that can only turn around when they bump into a wall.



Whether you love or hate their games, the App Store charts don’t lie – Ketchapp are the current kings of quickplay games. Their latest game has players tapping the screen to alternate between left and right. Keep the ball on the track for as long as you can… and if you can’t? Don’t worry – we’re sure Ketchapp will have another game you can struggle with in a few weeks. 😉

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