5 New Mobile Games You’ll Want to Play Tonight

With Apple announcing the iPhone 7 today, there’s really no telling what the App Store is going to look like tomorrow. It could be full of huge surprise AAA game launches, or a barren wasteland because nobody knew what to do. And who can say how Google Play will handle the big news coming from their rival this week?

All of this uncertainty is ok, though. There are a few titles on the horizon that have already been confirmed, and they should provide more than enough fun for the next seven days. Here’s what you should be able to play on mobile devices tonight:


One of last year’s biggest indie hits was scheduled to hit mobile devices tomorrow but, in a fantastic twist of fate (probably to get ahead of today’s Apple announcement), Submerged has been made available ahead of schedule. You can grab this one from the App Store right now. It’s a game of third-person exploration that’s completely devoid of combat, making it a rare example of action gaming without what we’d traditionally think of as “action.”

Jewel Quest: Seven Seas

The seventh entry in iWin’s Jewel Quest franchise takes match-3 gamers to the high seas this week. We were fortunate enough to go hands on with Seven Seas already, and if you were hoping to do the same, good news: this one is available a little early on the App Store, where you can download it right now. Expect it to hit PC and Android shortly.


A new point-and-click adventure with a unique look and the promise of puzzling, the team behind Isoland are promising a “return to the glory days of atmospheric point-and-click adventure games.” As point-and-click fans ourselves, it’s hard to not rank this fairly high on our watch list this week.

Color Bots

The latest game from the always fantastic Foursaken Media (War Tortoise, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth), Color Bots puts players in control of a robot fighting off an army of color-coded monsters.

Stretch Dungeon

Nitrome makes some of the weirdest (and most enjoyable) games on the App Store, and Stretch Dungeon looks to be no different. This time you’re escaping a prison by flexing the walls of the dungeon around the escapee. Weirdness.

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