5 New Mobile Games You Need to Play This Week, TRANSFORMERS Included

It’s a slow week on the App Store and Google Play, but that’s okay because TRANSFORMERS. If you’re a fan of mobile fighting games, this has likely been on your radar for a while. And if it wasn’t, it should be. Now transform and roll out!

Transformers: Forged to Fight

The makers of Marvel Contest of Champions have turned their attention to a battle that’s a little more… let’s call it “metal.” Transformers: Forged to Fight takes a similar approach to Contest of Champions, but swaps superheroes for Autobots and Decepticons — and tweaks the fighting formula to introduce a an element of ranged-vs-melee.

Faily Tumbler

If you thought you had it tough with Faily Brakes and Faily Rider, just wait until you take a trip back to caveman times. The third entry in the series offers a colorful romp as players roll the way to their destiny — which probably means being dinosaur poop.


At first glance, DROP NOT! looks a little like any number of quickplay games on the App Store. But there’s a catch: this one is from Oddrock, the creator of the utterly fantastic Power Hover. If we’re going to place our faith in anything here at Gamezebo, it’s a solid track record.

Deep Town

There are plenty of idle clickers to pick from on mobile, but Deep Town has a unique set-up and story that scratches a very particular itch — especially for fans of the totally unaffiliated Steamworld Dig. Robots and mining? What’s not to love?

Under a Spell

Fans of UpWords, mahjong, or any other number of games involving tiles, letters and stacking should keep a close eye on Under a Spell. The game offers more than 1800 hand-crafted levels, largely designed with the help of AI — which as far as we know is something of a first for word games of this kind.

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