5 New iPhone & Android Games Tonight

There’s some wonderful weirdness coming in tonight’s new releases, from gorgeous puzzlers to pigeon-based romance. As always, a few of these highlights have snuck out early and can be played right now.

Need something more to play? Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for our full round-up of the week’s biggest new iPhone and Android games.

Skylanders Battlecast

iOS, Android

Wish your virtual card games had something physical to go along with them? Skylanders latest “toys to life” experience looks to borrow a few notes from the popularity of games like Hearthstone, but infuses it with real physical cards that you can buy and scan into the app. If you don’t want to buy cards, there’s still plenty to enjoy — and you don’t even have to wait until tonight. Skylanders Battlecast is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Warp Shift


A new jaw-dropping puzzler from Deep Silver FISHLABS and ISBIT Games, Warpshift looks like a mix between sliding block puzzles and Portal. If that sentence doesn’t make you drool, you probably need to read it again.

Crashing Season

iOS, Android

Animal rampage! Step into the padded paws of one of nature’s most adorable creature and survive for as long as you can, evading hunters and completing challenges along the way.

Hatoful Boyfriend


Looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe you just need to be where pigeons hang out. Hatoful Boyfriend is a weirdly wonderful pigeon dating sim that became something of a cult classic since its PC debut in 2014. Today it stretched its wings, landing on the App Store.

Flick Golf Island

iOS, Android

The Flick Golf series has never been anything short of fantastic, so it only stands to reason that developer Full Fat would decide to focus on the fantastical. Flick Golf Island takes the tight gameplay the series is known for and adds in the wacky spirit of your favorite miniature golf course.

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