5 New iOS Games That Just Couldn’t Wait for Tonight

By Jim Squires |

Wednesday nights are a little like Christmas Eve for iPhone and iPad gamers. Starting at 11pm, their stocking the App Store is filled with hundreds of new games. This has been tradition since the dawn of the App Store.

But you know what? Screw tradition.

Below you’ll find six great game releases that weren’t willing to wait until the Wednesday night showcase to launch. You can pick up every one of these brand new games RIGHT NOW.

Guitar Hero Live

guitar hero live

One of the biggest console games this Fall is also on one of the littlest gaming devices imaginable. Get a taste of the Guitar Hero Live experience absolutely free, or go buy a guitar at a retail outlet to unlock everything it has to offer.



Scrabble was always competitive, but never like this. Spelldom is about word-building and base-building, as you try to crush your opponents defenses and steal their goodies.



The creators of Lamp and Vamp and Much Party are back with a spooky cute puzzle game that looks delightfully challenging. Join blobs of the same color to clear them from the board.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything

don't touch anything

The name says it all — but can you really follow such a simple instruction? Think “The Room,” but with a bathroom break and (possibly) thermonuclear war.

Sniper X with Jason Statham

sniper x

Celebrity-based games are all the rage thanks to Kim Kardashian, and last week’s releases were no exception. This time around the publisher behind Kim K Hollywood has broken the unspoken rule in celebrity games and borrowed the likeness of a male: the ass-kickingly fantastic Jason Statham. And considering Glu is also responsible for games from Contract Killer to Deer Hunter, we’ve got to think they’ve learned a thing or two about sniping by this point.

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