5 Fantastic Mobile Game Soundtracks on Spotify

Spotify, the streaming music service juggernaut, has a special place in all of our hearts (and ears). But while it’s always been a great place to get our fill of rock, pop, and hip hop, there’s been a serious dearth of blips and bloops to sooth a gamer’s soul.

They’ve recently rectified this oversight by adding a section aimed squarely at gaming. We’ve gone digging through their surprisingly meaty games music catalog, and collected what we think are the very best mobile games soundtracks. Take a listen, thank us later.


Never in a million years would TwoDots have come to mind if you asked me which game’s soundtrack you should listen to, but as it turns out, it’s really good. I can’t quite put my finger on the sound, but it’s somewhere between the upbeat irony of select Tom Waits songs and the brilliance of Danny Elfman, by way of Super Mario Bros 3. If you dig it as much as we do, good news — there’s also a Volume 2.

Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds

This one isn’t just a soundtrack — it’s the impetus for the whole game! Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds was actually a partner piece for the iamyank album of the same name. The game is an exploration of this album’s music, so really, it would be hard to enjoy one without the other.

Sword & Sworcery

Jim Guthrie is arguably the single biggest name in indie game soundtracks, and Sword & Sworcery is a great example of why. Few games have had a mood quite as perfectly set by music as S&S did. In fact, this might just be the only game soundtrack I own on vinyl — and I don’t even have a record player!! Spotify has plenty of great other Jim Guthrie albums, though these largely fall out of the realm of gaming. Still, if you dig this, be sure to check out Takes Time and his collaboration with Solid Mas, One of These Days I’ll Get It Right.

Device 6

Device 6 was a fantastically weird adventure in interactive fiction, bolstered by its fresh presentation. And a big part of that presentation was the game’s score that sounds like a jazzy film soundtrack from the 60’s. You could easily picture it as the music that plays under a spy film set on the French Riviera. It’s absolutely dripping with cool. Be sure to bust this out at your next cocktail party. And if you want a wider taste of Daniel Olsén’s range, be sure to check out the hauntingly unsettling soundtrack to another Simogo game, Year Walk.

Monument Valley

Where would a list about mobile game soundtracks be without Monument Valley? Another great release that valued style as much as substance, the music in Monument Valley plays an integral part in establishing your emotional connection with the game. Yes, it’s beautiful, but if you enjoyed this game with the sound off, you were missing a huge part of the immersion. If you enjoy this, be sure to also check out the soundtrack for the game’s expansion, Forgotten Shores.

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