5 Best Mobile Games of November 2016

We do our best here at Gamezebo to keep you abreast of all the best mobile games that come out and anything that looks promising that is coming down the pike. It’s tireless work, but we care, darn it! Sniff!

Actually, it’s not really all that strenuous to play games and tell people about them. Even less so when the games in question are the creme de la creme of a given month.

November might have been a slower month for mobile releases thanks to Thanksgiving, but it still had it share of gems. Here are the five best mobile games we played that released last month.

Mikey Jumps


A guy as versatile as Mikey shouldn’t be constrained by a single action or outfit. With Mikey Jumps, he’s finally been unleashed. It’s an auto-runner, which makes it a departure from his previous games, but that also adds to the challenge and makes one have to acknowledge the work that the devs did on level design. This is also a challenging game, which is a good thing in our opinion. Whether Mikey is an old friend or you’re just making his acquaintance, you’ll probably be happy you met him.

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre


Sometimes the best game ideas are also the silliest. The Burrito Bison titles have you playing as a masked wrestler trying to fend off an invasion of evil gummy bears. Launcha Libre send you way outside the wrestling ring, attempting to bounce off the heads of as many gummy bears and other objects as possible. The art style is terrifically comical to match the premise, and the gameplay offers just the right amount of compulsion so that you want to try to outdo yourself in short order. It’s hard not to fall in love with this one.

Steamworld Heist


When you mix a cowboy/Western aesthetic with sci-fi, the results can be all kinds of awesome. See also Firefly, Cowboy Bebop et al. It works for Steamwrold Heist too, both from a visual standpoint and to create a game that’s fun to play. It’s a turn-based tactical game in the vein of an XCOM, but turned 90 degrees from the perspective of a side-scroller. Add in a lot of crew customization options, a ton of hats and a smooth transition from other platforms to touchscreens and in the words of our reviewer, “the only reason I’d suggest giving it a pass is if you already own it for another platform.”

The Trail


The Trail is that rest of birds, a game associated with famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) game designer Peter Molyneux that arrived with a minimum of fanfare. Like other titles to spring at least in part from his mind, the gameplay is at once both inherently simple and wildly ambitious. Much of it about walking along the titular trail, but there are long term goals, plenty of interactions with other players, and a host of interesting tidbits that might not be immediately apparent. Let’s hear it, then, for a lack of hype and a minimum of expectations.

Super Cat Tales


Let’s finish this list with what might be the most obvious pick of all. The internet loves cats. Mobile gamers obviously love them as well. This is game full of cats, so case closed, right? Well, it’s probably possible to make a crappy game about cats, but this isn’t it. Thanks to its retro sensibility, acknowledgement of some of the greatest platformers of all time and yes, endearingly cute graphics, Super Cat Tales has all of the charming qualities of real cats and won’t make your guests sneeze or ever miss the litter box. As far as we know, anyway.

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