4 of Tonight’s New iPhone and iPad Games To Watch

By Jim Squires |

Wondering what to play over the next week? Early signs are pointing to a fairly light week on the App Store, but these five games seem worth your time.

And if you’re looking for more, don’t worry — we’ll be rounding up all of tonight’s best releases once they’re live on the App Store tomorrow morning.

Dragon Quest IV


Well that was quick! It was only last week that we were bringing you news of Dragon Quest IV’s imminent arrival on the App Store, and tonight that news is fully realized. Fans of the Dragon Quest VIII port should eagerly snatch this one up.

Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition

Not a new game so much as an update to an old one, Oceanhorn is getting the GOTY treatment tonight. What does that mean? Four hours worth of brand new content, and a fishing game — for free. Well… so long as you already own Oceanhorn. If not, you can grab it from the App Store for $8.99.

Adventure Time: Time Tangle

TimeTangle_FinnPunching (1)

Adventure Time games are like pizza: even when they’re bad, they’re pretty good. Not to say that Time Tangle is bad — we haven’t played it and have no opinion either way yet. We’re just of the opinion that “hey, it’s Adventure Time, go buy it.”



Even though it’s years old at this point, a lot of folks would point to the iOS adaptation of Carcassonne as being the gold standard for mobile board games. It’s creator, TheCodingMonkeys, will be launching an original game tonight, where it appears the rules will change with every round.

Editor’s Note: Backflip Studios’ Spellfall had earlier appeared on this list, however we have since confirmed that the game will be launching on August 14th.

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