4 Games Too Big to Wait for Thursday’s New Release Parade

By Jim Squires |

New iPhone and iPad games have traditionally launched late Wednesday evening / early Thursday — but a lot of publishers are breaking with tradition. Case in point: these four releases that have already gone live on the App Store this week.

We’ll be back with a full round-up tomorrow, but we figured that instead of our usual “coming tonight” post, it made a lot more sense to point you at things you could play right now. Happy gaming!

Skylanders Superchargers

I don’t use the term “watershed moment” very often, but last year’s release of Skylanders: Trap Team on tablets certainly fits the definition. It was a AAA game that could be enjoyed to the fullest, and it launched simultaneously on home consoles and the App Store. Now fans of the series can delve into the next iteration on mobile — and they’ve expanded their scope to include the iPhone, too. You can try it for free with a download on the App Store right now, though for the full effect, you’ll probably want to hit up a retail store for the bigger kit.

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey

Fans of JPRG gameplay have been keeping their eyes on this for a while. It’s from the writer of the Kingdom Hearts series, with a musical score by the composer responsible for several Final Fantasy soundtracks. You don’t get a much more interesting pedigree than that. Because it’s a JRPG, we’re expecting a rather epic story — so quit wasting time. You can grab Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey on the App Store right now.

Star Wars Battlefront Companion

star wars battlefront companion app

Star Wars Battlefront is on track to be one of the biggest video game releases of the year (if not of all time), and while it doesn’t arrive until next week, there’s a companion app that’s ready to help set the mood right now. It offers a few non-gaming features, but the tastiest tauntan meat can be found in Base Command, a card-driven strategy game that will help you earn credits that you can spend in the bigger release when it hits on November 17th.

Le Havre: The Inland Port

Love board games? We do too. In fact, we adored the original Le Havre when it came to iOS. Now it’s smaller spin-off is available. Compete to become the richest harbor master in this two player game of trade on the App Store.

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