25 Best Mobile Platformers 2021: Top 2D and 3D Platformer Games on iPhone and Android

By Harry Slater |

Like jumping on and over stuff? Do you own a mobile phone? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of the 25 best platformers on mobile, including some of the genre’s best heroes, like Mario, Sonic, and Rayman.

Really, you’re spoilt for choice where this genre is concerned on mobile, with a ton of awesome indie and AAA titles to suit all tastes. Let’s dig into it.

Hot Lava

Hot Lava is not only one of the finest platformers on mobile, but also one of the best Apple Arcade releases so far. You play as a toy that has to run and jump over a wide variety of obstacle courses.

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was Nintendo’s second mobile game, and while they might moan about its disappointing commercial performance, it’s still probably the big N’s best mobile effort to date. It’s just pure Mario magic condensed onto the tiny screen. The one tap controls keep things simple, but all of the depth and challenge of a console Mario is right there.

If you only pick one platformer on this list, pick this.

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Grimvalor is a souls-like platformer that’s well-suited to those of you that crave a challenge. You’ll jump around a lot, whack plenty of enemies with massive swords, and take on huge bosses. Just make sure you pay attention to their attack patterns or you’re toast.

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A platformer that’s equal parts heart-warming and gross. You control everything with one finger and you’re trying to get little characters together to share bodily fluids. It’s a game about love and spit and all the sloppiest things in life.

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Mikey Series

Mikey is a mobile exclusive platforming franchise that encourages speed running, so if you’re a fan of that aspect of platformers, look no further. Each level is finely crafted, encouraging you to learn when best to use the various different moves at Mikey’s disposal.


If you like your games dark and full of terrors, Limbo is the platformer for you. You play as a mysterious young boy who’s trying to find his missing sister in a dark forest. It’s even spookier than it sounds.

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Total Party Kill

Adventure Islands is a prolific mobile developer with a number of platforming hits under its belt. Total Party Kill is our pick of the bunch though, as it provides a ton of challenging platforming levels to beat. Also, you get to kill your companions to solve problems. Enough said.

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Dandara is a metroidvania that changes up the usual formula by removing your ability to run. The hero in this tale simply shoots from platform to platform with a series of simple swipes. It’s mesmerising stuff when you get going, and there’s a decent plot in here too.

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Rayman Series

Much like Sonic, Rayman has found a perfect home on mobile, with three awesome titles to play through no matter where you are. Jungle Run and Fiesta Run are more traditional Rayman experiences while Adventures shakes things up with its focus on a near endless supply of micro platforming levels.

Super Cat Tales Series

Super Cat Tales is basically Super Mario World but with more cats. This cutesy adventure is just so well-suited for the mobile platform, providing numerous levels to run, jump, and do whatever else cats do.


Downwell is basically a vertical roguelike. Using your platforming skills and a pair of gun boots, you’ll fall down, shooting monsters and collecting power-ups along the way.

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Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants has been around for absolutely ages on PC, but recently made the transition to mobile in a fully fledged new game. The visuals might be minimalistic, but the movement is incredibly expressive.

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This one takes the shape of a traditional platformer and swishes it around in a deep sea vat. Instead of tapping to leap you’re stretching a blob to fire it from platform to platform. It builds on that excellent mechanic to make something truly interesting.

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Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune was one of the first big mobile platformers, and it still holds up pretty well today. You play as a moustachioed fluffy ball that can pull off a variety of different moves to tackle each of the challenging levels.

Get it on the App Store and Google Play.

Bean’s Series

Bean is a Mexican jumping bean, and that’s pretty much all of the set up you need for a series of platforming adventures. With all of the charm of early Nintendo platformers, the Bean games are well worth checking out.

Super Phantom Cat Series

Super Phantom Cat is utterly stunning, with an art style so colourful you feel like your eyes are going to burst. It just so happens to be a super fun platforming series too, with plenty of cats to boot.

Badland Series

Badland took the mechanics of the seriously addictive Flappy Bird and built an actual game around them. You have to help a bunch of weird floating hedgehog creatures navigate dangerous, almost Oddworld-like levels.

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade is for the ninjas among you. It provides a super fast-paced platforming experience with over 60 levels full of enemies, traps, and stuff to jump over.

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Oddmar is a recent mobile platformer that reminds us a lot of Rayman, but that’s mostly down to art style. This viking-inspired platformer has plenty of its own charm and is well worth checking out for platformer fans.

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Never Alone

Never Alone tells a heartwarming tale of a young girl and an arctic fox struggling to survive in a storm. You’ll travel through a wide variety of environments as you avoid dangerous creatures and environmental hazards.

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You’ve probably heard of FEZ before, the indie darling that took the world by storm during the early days of Xbox Live Arcade. Well, it’s now available on mobile and the world-spinning gameplay still holds up today.

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Mimpi Series

Mimpi is a cute little dog that wants to experience his dreams with you. Fortunately, his dreams are full of platforming adventures with plenty of puzzle solving to boot.

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is a tough sell on paper, but play it and you’ll understand why it’s such a hit. You have to help a bunch of different shaped coloured blocks navigate a world, working together to tackle platforming puzzles.

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Canabalt literally invented the endless runner genre, so you absolutely have to play it if you’re even remotely a fan of them. It might be a bit simple by today’s standards, but that doesn’t stop it remaining fiercely addictive.

Get it on the App Store and Google Play.

Cat Bird!

Last, but certainly not least, is Cat Bird. This gorgeous pixel platformer places you in the body of a part cat, part bird, that actually looks an awful lot like a bit. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of challenging platforming fun to be had in this zany adventure.

Get it on the App Store and Google Play.

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