21 New iPhone and iPad Games You Should Be Playing This Week

Do you have any sick days left at work? Good. You’re going to need them to get through this week’s onslaught of new iPhone and iPad games. With plenty of games you’ve been waiting for, a few surprises, and even …

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Do you have any sick days left at work? Good. You’re going to need them to get through this week’s onslaught of new iPhone and iPad games.

With plenty of games you’ve been waiting for, a few surprises, and even a few hidden games, this really is a week where there’s something for everybody. And if we’re wrong, you can always dig through last week’s new releases to find some playable gold there too.

Did we miss your favorite release from this week? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Diner Dash


If you’ve been wondering what Glu would do with the Diner Dash license after acquiring PlayFirst, today is the day you can find out. This is the first new release in the franchise since, and it looks like it should be faithful fare for fans of the series.

Reckless Racing 3


It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these motor onto the App Store, but if you check our our Reckless Racing review or Reckless Racing 2 review, you’ll know that there’s good reason to be excited.

New Words With Friends


Remember when everyone was playing Words With Friends? Zynga sure does. That’s why, for the game’s fifth anniversary (five years? wow) they’ve released a new version of the game. It doesn’t appear to be a radical reinvention, but they’ve made a few tweaks to try and help refine the experience.

I Am Dolphin


Procedurally-generated movement? Unique AI for different kinds of predators and prey? Ecco the Dolphin, you’ve just been bumped.

Terra Battle


The creator of Final Fantasy releases his first mobile RPG, blending elements of tactical role-playing and free-to-play monetization. If you need some help with this one, give our Terra Battle Tips, Cheats and Strategies a quick read.

iBomber 3


Once a staple on the App Store, it’s been more than four years since the release of iBomber 2 from Cobra Mobile. Crazy, right? Today they make up for lost time, bringing players back to bomber’s chair as they patrol the skies over multiple theaters of World War II.

Best Fiends


The first game from ex-Rovio and Fox execs has finally arrived, and… it’s not what we were expecting? The few clues we’d been given prior to launch didn’t leave us with the image of a match-3 game, but hey – that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Of all the games that might fly under your radar this week, I can’t help but think this might be the one that shouldn’t.

Zombie Highway 2


The Walking Dead Season 5 starts this weekend, so of course it’s time to start running from zombies. Or in this case, driving from them. Or over them. Something. Whatever. Go kill stuff.

Dragon Quest II


Yet another classic Dragon Quest adventure comes to mobile, thanks to Square Enix. Previous releases have all held up beautifully. We’d expect no different here.

Castaway Paradise


Nobody has been bold enough to try an Animal Crossing for the iPhone yet. That changes today. Good luck, villagers!

Yes Chef!


Halfbrick, creators of such fantastic time sinks as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Colossatron, have just launched their latest game to the App Store. And it’s… a food-based match-3? Don’t write it off just yet. Anything with the name Halfbrick attached is always worth a closer look.



We’ve seen a lot of games about running around planets and using gravity as a tool (Space Chicks is a great example), but we haven’t seen this mechanic go into a puzzler before. Also, this one features original music by Whitaker Trebella. Pure gold for the ears every damned time.

Cars: Fast as Lightning


City-building meets racing in the latest licensed kid-friendly game from Gameloft. It’s a little surprising to see Disney license something like this out, but then again, after recent layoffs and game closures… maybe not so much.



A flick-based physics platformer that earned itself a spot in the PAX 10, starring skeletons. You’re welcome.

The Trip


Like games as art? The Trip is probably your sleeper hit of the week. A case of style over substance, the amount of style here more than makes up for it.

Crimsonland HD


10tons have been responsible for so many cool App Store games over the years. Joining Hands, Azkend 2, Tennis in the Face – it’s all them. Today’s release goes in a way different direction, remastering their 2003 top-down action RPG of the same name.

Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights


Nexon’s latest mobile release is probably the closest you’re going to get to a Warcraft Clash of Clans. Take that for what it’s worth.

Find the Line


Sliding your finger around to find a hidden picture? This is a unique new puzzle game. You haven’t seen anything like it. Whether or not that means it’s any good is up to you. (at least until we review it!)

Tail Drift


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new flight game hit the App Store, so if you’re a pocket pilot, this should help scratch that itch.

Pixel Boat Rush


Imagine if Tiny Wings took place on water, so the hills kept moving because they were waves. And you were in a race with other birds, because you were all actually boats. Also, weapons.

Crystal Reign Pocket


Using the phrase “tower defense” in a whole new way, Crystal Reign already saw a release on the on the iPad earlier this year. Now you can build and defend a tower on the go a little more easily thanks to this iPhone version.

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