19 New Mobile Games You Can Play Tonight

Contrary to what you’ve just read in the headline, it’s starting to look like a slow week for mobile releases. Barring any big surprises, there are really only two standout games we’re aware of at this time. Hopefully that will change when the onslaught of new releases breaches the walled garden that is the App Store overnight.

So how did we get to “19”? We’re not lying, but we *are* tricky…

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


Over the last few years, Capcom has been very cool about bringing their bigger handheld releases to mobile devices — even if it is a few years after their initial debut.  In the case of Apollo Justice, we’re talking almost a decade. Still, if you’re a fan of legal dramas (and don’t mind seeing a face other than Phoenix Wright), the fourth game in the Ace Attorney series should leave you with very few objections — unless you’re on Android. The Google Play launch won’t be coming until December 8.

Swap Sword

Originally scheduled for a December 1st release, Swap Sword snuck onto the App Store a little early so you can play it right now. The game offers a great art style and a neat mix of match-3 puzzles and roguelike gameplay — but is it any good? Read our review to see if it’s worth your time.

Everything on Instant Games

Here’s the part of the list where you (rightfully) call us cheaters — but hear us out! There are 17 games you can enjoy right now on your phone through the Facebook Messenger app that all launched yesterday, and some of them are really great. Early favorites so far include Words with Friends Frenzy, Zoo Keeper, Endless Lake, and a pitch-perfect port of the arcade classic Arkanoid. Not everything in the Instant Games launch line-up is gold, but there’s more than enough goodness to start digging through. Pick a friend to challenge, and tap the little controller icon at the bottom of the chat window to start playing.

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