18 New iPhone and iPad Games You Should Try This Week

Like surprises? Here’s one for you: DomiNations has arrived. It’s the first game from the newly resurrected Big Huge Games, and it manages to channel a lot of what the studio is known for into a familiar base building framework. …

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Like surprises? Here’s one for you: DomiNations has arrived. It’s the first game from the newly resurrected Big Huge Games, and it manages to channel a lot of what the studio is known for into a familiar base building framework. If you’re a fan of Clash of Clans, stop what you’re doing and go download it. Now.

If you’re not, though, don’t worry — there’s a huge variety of great new games on the App Store this week. A little something for everyone.



It’s a little bit Clash of Clans, a little bit Civilization, and a whole lot of fun. We’ve been playing DomiNations behind the scenes for a few months, and while our review isn’t quite ready to publish, I’ll be happy to give you a preview: this might just be the best CoC-style game yet.

Ducktales Remastered


WayForward’s 2014 reimagining of an NES classic has come to mobile. It’s an old school gamer’s dream come true — but that also means it offers an old school level of frustration. At least last year’s release did. It should be interesting to see how this one has transitioned to touch screens.

Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure

Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone

Devoted Hearthstone fans have been waiting for a new adventure to sink their teeth into after last year’s single player expansion, Curse of Naxxramas. Over the course of five weeks, you’ll experience challenges that can unlock up to 31 new cards (many of which are dragon type – BREATHE THAT FIRE, FRIEND).

Last Voyage

last voyage

Absorbing, hypnotic, and wonderfully unique, it’s really hard to describe what Last Voyage is exactly. But that doesn’t mean we won’t try. Stay tuned for our full review later today.

A Day In The Woods

a day in the woods

A tile-moving puzzle game that we fell in love with back in 2011 finally makes it way to mobile. Can you protect Little Red Riding Hood on her journey to grandmother’s house?

The Quest Keeper


A lot of people are painting this one as a Crossy Road RPG or roguelike, but I’m not really seeing the comparison. The Quest Keeper may share a similar aesthetic as everyone’s favorite Frogger-like, but the endless movement, upgrades, and challenging paths are wildly different than what you’ll find in Crossy Road. Forget the comparisons: The Quest Keeper is unique.

Circle Frenzy


Circumnavigate a globe filled with platforming challenges, and then jump to a fresh world to bank points. It’s simple to grasp, but quickly becomes a challenge to master.

Mighty Marvel Heroes


When it was in pre-release, we were pretty underwhelmed by this superhero brawlfest. Has it improved in the intervening month? As a free download, it won’t cost much to find out.

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Rock On – A SongPop Adventure

rock on a songpop adventure

How well do you know your music? If you just answered “not great,” I have good news for you: Rock On is a SongPop experience where you don’t compete against your friends. Now nobody will know your secret!

Bouncing Ball

bouncing ball ketchapp

It’s the latest game from Ketchapp. What more needs to be said? Like Jelly Jump and ZigZag before it, expect this to shoot to #1 before the end of the week.

Boss Monster


A fairly popular tabletop game with a video game aesthetic is now a video game with a tabletop aesthetic. INCEPTION.

Tetrobot and Co.

tetrobot and co

A puzzle platformer that saw some love on Wii U last fall is now on mobile. If it’s good enough for a Nintendo system, it’s good enough for you (he says, secretly hoping that continues to be true).

Corridor Z

corridor z

Move over, behind-the-back runners. Corridor Z moves the camera in front of your chest instead. If you were escaping a zombie attack, I suspect you’d be looking over your shoulder constantly, so this just makes sense. We’re thinking it should create some unique challenges, too.



Clicker games are all the rage, so why not use one for questing and empire building?

Attack the Light – Steven Universe RPG


While I might be too out of touch to know Steven Universe, I’m still aware enough to appreciate a good RPG when it comes to the App Store. Here’s to hoping this is one of them.



If you have a friend with an iPhone in grabbing distance, give them a smack and tell them to play DUAL! with you today. It’s a neat multiplayer, multi-device game that has you attacking and defending from your own screen.

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

tiny dangerous dungeons

GameBoy color scheme? Check. Use of “metroidvania” in marketing? Check. There’s a certain kind of gamer that’s going to drop 99 cents on this for those two reasons alone. That kind of gamer is me.

Tap ‘n’ Slash


Great pixel art and the promise of action-heavy dungeon crawling can’t help but put this on our radar this week. Does it live up to our expectations? As a free download, we’ll find out soon enough!

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