14 of This Week’s New iPhone and iPad Games You Should Know About

By Jim Squires |

It’s Thursday morning, and we all know what that means: this week’s new iPhone and iPad games are here! Our picks for the games worth knowing about provide a pretty good grab bag this time around, whether you’re into RPGs, runners, puzzles or platformers.

What are you going to play this week?

Dragon Quest I

This Week's iPhone iPad Games Dragon QuestThe game that started it all is now available on mobile for the first ti–WAITAMINNIT – IS THIS A SQUARE ENIX GAME THAT’S ONLY $2.99?!?!

Spider-Man Unlimited

New iPhone Games Spider-Man UnlimitedEndless runners get a web-slinging touch in Gameloft’s latest release. This one offers a healthy mix of mission-based chapter play and a separate “unlimited” mode to keep you running forever. BONUS: There are about a zillion Spider-Men you can unlock and level up.


New iPhone Games PartyrsLooking to prove your party-throwing prowess? We took a look at Partyrs last week and definitely liked its potential. Today you can find out if that potential is realized.


screen1136x1136[1]The makers of FAIF have been kicking this one around on Android for a little while now, and it’s not hard to see why people are drawn to it. It combines the endless nature of running games, the frantic nature of reaction games, and the color-combining of match-3 games. Also, it reminds me an awful lot of Klax.


New Games Thursday TravelPopNeed another trivia game to make your brain burn in all the right places? The makers of SongPop are back with this test of geographical knowledge.

Hyper Trip

screen1136x1136[1]Fast, frantic, reflex-based gaming. This one has you tapping left and right to guide a square. And while I haven’t gone hands-on quite yet, I’m assuming the soundtrack goes something like OONZ OONZ OONZ OONZ.

The Sleeping Prince

New iPhone Games The Sleeping PrinceWhy bother with a d-pad when you can just chuck your hero around the screen? The Sleeping Prince offers a surprisingly cool twist on platformers: you’ll ragdoll your hero with your finger around instead of delicately controlling direction.


New iPhone Games MUJOLooking for a new spin on puzzle combat? MUJO looks like it might just scratch that itch.


screen1024x1024[1]If you like espionage, the Second World War, and/or board games, you’re going to want to give Spymaster a close look.

Phantom Rift

screen1136x1136[1]The almost-Mega Man Battle Network-but-with-wizards game you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Real time battles on a 6×3 grid, with a random assortment of spells at your disposal? We’ve been playing, and yes – it’s as nifty as it sounds.


screen1136x1136[1]First person running in a vector-based environment? This is what TRON should have been.

Gummy Drop!

screen1136x1136[1]Big Fish Games are back on the App Store again with another mobile-exclusive release. They’ve had a few winners already this summer with Cascade and Panda PandaMonium – can they do it again?

Twelve a Dozen

New iPad Games Twelve a DozenWe’ve been sort of obsessed with math games lately here at Gamezebo, and this one looks like it might be a welcome addition to our collection. Puzzle platforming + math.

Goblin Sword

Goblin Sword FeaturedRetro platforming goodness? Looks like!

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