12 New iPhone and iPad Games You Need to Know About This Week

By Jim Squires |

Ready for a big week? This week’s new iPhone and iPad games offer a healthy mix of big titles, nice surprises, and olf school homages.

Go play something!

Star Trek Timelines


To boldly go where no one has gone before? Not exactly, but the App Store is a richer place today thanks to the addition of a Star Trek game that melds generations together in a story-based game featuring the major and minor characters of every Star Trek TV show to date.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

harvest moon

When it comes to cult classics, few are quite as cute and cuddly as Harvest Moon. The latest version of this farm life simulator is a mobile one. If you’ve only known virtual farms like FarmVille, it’s time to see what a meatier experience tastes like.

Venture Kid

venture kid

A love letter to Mega Man. If you grew up in the NES days, Venture Kid wants to bring you back to your youth. This is something we can very much get behind.

The Smurfs Epic Run

the smurfs epic run

How do you make a Smurfs runner interesting? Give it to Ubisoft, creators of the spectacular Rayman runners on mobile. Even if you don’t care for the little blue critters, a new Ubisoft runner sounds too tempting too pass up.

Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure


Planetary adventure gets a circular twist in this clever new platformer with a cool low-poly style.

Punch Club

punch club

If Punch-Out and The Sims had a baby, it would probably be Punch Club. Train, fight, and avenge your father’s death. It’s every 80’s movie you’ve ever hoped to live.

Pocket Mortys


Rick and Morty fans, get ready to collect and battle a whole lot of Mortys from other dimensions. This is Adult Swim Games’ take on Pokemon, and it’s as silly as it is fun. Check out our full review here.

Tower of Fortune 3

Tower of Fortune 3

It’s never been a “top of the pops” kind of series, but Tower of Fortune’s blend of RPG and slots has developed a sizable following over the years. The third version is hot and fresh this week should you be looking to take a bite for the first time.

Gnomium Pocket Edition


A snazzy new word game that, honestly, we found a bit too confusing. Still, if you’re patient enough to suss out what’s going on here, Gnomium Pocket Edition could offer plenty of fun.

Legion of Heroes

legion of heroes

With titles like DomiNations and Mabinogi Duel under their belts, Nexon had an incredibly strong year as a mobile publisher in 2015. Their first title of 2016 is a strategy RPG. If it’s anything like their past offerings, don’t expect the same ol’, same ol’.

BLEACH Brave Souls

bleach brave souls

An action RPG set in the world of (maybe) your favorite anime! If you’re a Bleach fan, it’s hard to pass up the chance to check out a new surprise like this.

Cat Hotel

cat hotel

It was only a matter of time until the cat-craze of Neko Atsume starting spreading of competitors. This one lets you play Basil Fawlty to a house full of kitty cats.

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