10 New iPhone and iPad Games You Should Play This Week

By Jim Squires |

Any week where Inkle releases a new game is a good week for iOS gamers. The same can be said for NimbleBit. Heck – some might even say the same for Ketchapp. Lucky for us, this week’s new iPhone and iPad games include releases from all three studios.

And there’s plenty more where those came from.

Sorcery 3!

sorcery! 3

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here! The third book in Steve Jackson’s four-part Sorcery! saga has been give it’s inkle adaptation. We can’t tell you how it is yet because we’re replaying the first two for the full experience. Expect our review early next week.



The folks at NimbleBit (Tiny Tower, GOLFINITY) are going to spell it out for you. Or maybe you’ll spell it out for them. We’re not totally sure. But hey! It’s a word game from NimbleBit! Anything with their name on it is usually cause for celebration. Just make sure you know how to spell.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities


It’s an homage to 90’s survival horror. If you’ve ever been a resident of evil, silent on a hill, or alone in the dark, this is probably at the top of your downloads list this week.

EA Sports UFC


The last few months have been full of fighting games on mobile. From Marvel and Mortal Kombat to WWE and… well, more WWE, we’ve seen our share. And now EA is stepping into the octagon with their free-to-play UFC fighter.

Does Not Commute

does not commute

Driving distracted? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Of course, when so many absent-minded drivers are on the road at once, things can get a bit hairy. Survive the streets of a small town while learning the stories of its strange citizens.

Battle Odyssey

battle odyssey

Everyone and their brother seems to have released a match-3 RPG in the last few years. Strangely absent from that fray, though, is Gameloft. Today they’ve rectified that with the release of Battle Odyssey — but does it do enough to stand out from the pack? We’ll be sure to let you know our thoughts.

Century City

century city

Despite their simplicity, clicker games have no shortage of fans. This week’s big clicker has players working towards the goal of building a major metropolis using all the gold they’ve click-mined.

Bouncy Bits


Bouncy Bits is this week’s “I hate video games and want them all to die,” brutally punishing challenge. Your hero will bounce endlessly, but you can trigger an early bounce by tapping. Use this to survive an parade of geometric monstrosities. My high score is 3.

Dungeon Link

dungeon link

Dungeon Link is a new puzzling RPG from Gamevil that launched this week, where players must draw a line through matching-colored tiles to launch  attacks.

Pinball Sniper
pinball sniper

Hit the gems with the ball. Simple, right? Did we mention it’s published by Ketchapp? Enjoy your latest addiction.

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