10 New iOS Games You Need to Play This Week

By Jim Squires |

If you’re having a hard time reading past “Assassin’s Creed Identity” on this week’s list, that’s understandable — but we still encourage you to do so. Why? Because there’s so much more — and they’re all worth checking out.

New games from great developers, The Walking Dead, board games and more. What’s not to love?

Assassin’s Creed Identity

assassin's creed identity

The Assassin’s Creed series has seen plenty of App Store releases, and a few full-fledged series entries on portable devices like the PlayStation Vita — but we’ve never seen a combination of the two. This week that changed with the release of Assassin’s Creed Identity, the first fully-fledge Assassin’s Creed adventure for the iPhone. Pffft. And everyone said there wouldn’t be a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2016.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

the walking dead michonne

The world of The Walking Dead comics comes to Telltale’s series in full force this week with the release of The Walking Dead: Michonne. Expect more of Telltale’s tried-and-true storytelling gameplay, but this time, in service to a missing story from the comics. Just where was Michonne for those 12 or so issues she was missing?

Love You To Bits

love to bits

We’ve never seen a Tiny Thief 2, but Love You To Bits looks about as close as we’re going to get. Rather than a fantasy environment, players will take to the stars as they solve puzzles and explore wildly cool environments.

I Keep Having This Dream

screen1136i hav the same dream everyday

Dungeon Raid remains one of the most surprisingly cool puzzle games to ever hit the App Store. Its creators is back this week with a new project that, like Dungeon Raid was at the time, is wildly different from anything we’ve ever seen.



I’m terrible with emojis. If you’re not, then you’ll probably want to jump right in with Cinemoji: a new trivia game that challenges players to describe a movie, TV show, or video game using a keyboard full of emojis. Not sold? Check out our review.



The App Store is full of games about dodging and weaving. Sparkwave is the latest, and it’s been crafted with such a high level of polish that we’d consider it an absolute must-play this week.



A popular tabletop game gets a digital adaptation. Players can compete against the AI (or asynchronously against friends) as they lay down fabrics to make a quilt, while remaining mindful of color, pattern, and cost.

Futurama: Game of Drones
futurama game of drones

Futurama and match-4 gameplay? Maybe it’s not the most exciting use for the license, but if you’re a fan of Matt Groening’s classic sci-fi cartoon, you’ll have a hard time saying no to Futurama: Game of Drones this week.

Faily Brakes

fairly brakes

STOP!!! STOP!!! Oh, you can’t? Man, you should really get your brakes checked.



A new take on the real-time strategy genre, Robocide is the debut release from PlayRaven, a new studio formed of  Supercell, Remedy and Rockstar veterans. Players control an army of robots as they swarm across the galaxy to… fight other armies of robots? That sounds about right.

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